City trip to Los Angeles – How many days/nights needed?

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One of the most popular cities of the United States listens to the name Los Angeles or LA. Everyone will have some kind of image/memorie of that city. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Sunset Boulevard, Disney World, Universal Studios, .. This and many other things that make Los Angeles to the Metropolis it is today. There are a lot of things to do in Los Angeles and you’re probably wondering how many days you’ll need to visit this city. Read below and find the answer.

Trip to Los Angeles (LA) – how many days needed?

Planning a trip to Los Angeles? Then you’ll probably have 1 big question: how long should I stay in Los Angeles? Then we would recommend to spend at least 3 full days in the city of Los Angeles. This doesn’t include your transfer from and to the airport and doesn’t include your time in Disneyland.

You could visit the city also in less days, but 3 days is a recommendation to really get to know the city.

Where is Los Angeles located?

Los Angeles, also known as L.A. is a big city located at the west coast of the United States. It’s the biggest city in the state California and the second biggest city of the United State. New York is the biggest city.

Best time to visit Los Angeles

It doesn’t matter what your preferences are to visit Los Angeles, but everyone likes good weather. That’s why it’s a good idea to chech what’s the best time to visit Los Angeles.

The best time, in our opinion to visit Los Angeles are April, May, June, September & October. During these months you have the biggest chance to have nice temperatures and less chance on rain. Plus traveling to Los Angeles is mostly a bit cheaper then July and August.

Where to stay in Los Angeles?

Planning your trip to Los Angeles, then you’ll might need some place to stay. It’s a good idea to book a good hotel where you can have a good night rest. We’ve selected some interesting place where you can stay.

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