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Traveling can cost you a lot of money. If you’re like us, and want to see a lot of places, you need to save some money or try to travel on a budget. If you can travel on a budget, you’re going to do your first (or next) trip much sooner then when you have to save for it first. We try to travel as much as possible and apply the following tips every time. This way we know we travelled on a budget and can travel more, longer and experience a lot more awesome travel adventures. So, you’re ready to get some great tips on how to travel on a budget. Let’s get started.

Just one more thing. Next to the tips we’ve listed below, there are also other tips, hacks, idea’s on how to limit your budget for your next holiday or trip. If you have other great ideas, share them in a comment. We’ll be happy to add them to our list. One other note, it’s unrealistic to apply all of the following tips for your next trip. But if you could apply a couple of them and keep in mind the rest, you’re already saving up a lot of money.

How to travel on a budget? Our tips

Help yourself around with the following tips.

Plan your trip off seasons

When you travel during high season all prices will go up. Prices of your accommodations, flights, activities you’re planning, … So one of the best tips (which can save you a lot of money) is to travel off seasons. Do some research of you next destinations on what’s the best time to go there but also do some research during which periods most people are visiting.

Hostels & budget hotels for the win

This is probably an obvious tip but still. If you’re traveling, you’ll need some place to sleep. Hostels and budget hotels are the best way to go if you want to travel on a budget. Luckily there are a lot of hostels in each city. Read the reviews of the hostels before you book.

Enjoy the experiences

Traveling is about the experience!

The one trip you should be regretting is the one you didn’t make.

Keeping this in mind will make it possible not to spend all your money on materials/gadgets/restaurants/… And save you more money to spend while traveling.

Destinations where you don’t need a visa

There are a lot of great, awesome destinations in the world where you don’t need a visa. Visa can be very expensive. So when you’re traveling on a budget, the first step is to select a holiday destination where you don’t need a visa.

Book (long) in advance

One rule of thumb you can apply on almost anything when you’re traveling – book in advance. The earlier you can book, the cheaper the prices will be. But that’s not all. There are are some other benefits of booking things in advance. You’re sure you have a place to stay. You hotel or hostel will be waiting on your arrival. Same for activities. If you want to do some local tour or a local activity, it would be a pitty that you could do it because it’s fully booked.

By booking your activity in advance, you know you be doing some great stuff while traveling.

Pro tip: don’t stuff your holiday completely. Leave some room for adventurous and crazy idea’s when you’re out there.

Compare – compare and compare

One way you can save up a lot of money is by comparing things. Compare the prizes of your flight, prizes of hotels / hostels, prizes of restaurants, … You can compare and save up tons of money.

Pro tip: compare the prices you see in your browsers with prices  you see when you’re surfing private (in private mode).

Set price alarms

Google Flights is one tool you can use to set a price alarms on flight prices. You don’t want to be paying too much for your trip. Set an alarm so you know when to book your tickets.

Go by foot or bike

A lot of people take the public transportation when there out in a city. It’s a great way of visiting, but what’s even beter and cheaper is doing everything by foot. In most cities you can walk around and visit everything. A good alternative is renting a bike.

Pro tip: some accommodations are offering free bikes. So that in mind when you’re booking your accommodation. You can always ask when you’re there.

Be flexible

If you want to travel as cheap as possible, then it’s good that you’re flexible. Can you stay one or two extra nights at a location, leave early in the morning or late at night. The more flexible you are, the cheaper you can travel.

Make sure you have enough time in each destinations.

Do some research

There is a lot of information out there. Read blogs like TraveltoTips, read forums about your travel destinations and get insights from other travellers, locals and many more.

Connect with other travellers

Before you leave, during your trip it’s always a good idea to connect with other travellers. They already know things you don’t. Pick their brains. One of the best idea’s to get even more out of your travel adventures.

Connect with locals

Local people also have a ton of information about a destination. Ask your host for tips and things to do. Talk to people at the train station or at the bar. They know where you can get the best bank for your buck.

Make your own food – go shopping

Eating a restaurant is great. But it’s expensive. Do your own shopping at a local grocery and cook yourself. Should be very special. You’re own spaghetti is also awesome when you’re traveling.

Why do you want to travel on a budget?

Traveling on a budget has a lot of advantages.

  • You can travel more
  • You can travel longer
  • You can do more activities when you’re traveling

We’ll continue on adding more tips to the list. So come back every once and a while. Bookmark this page. If you have any tips, let us know via a comment below.

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