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While traveling I was always taking photos and capturing memories. It’s great to rewatch photos of your previous holidays and trips. But thanks to the GoPro that changed towards making holiday videos. In this blogpost we’ll give you tips and tricks of how to make a gopro holiday video. There are certain elements that you should keep in mind. But the most important part is to practise.

Why would you use a GoPro to make holiday videos?

Since the GoPro has been introduced, the main target audience was adventurous people. People who go surfing, mountain biking in the woods, skiïng, snorkeling, … But the GoPro has evolved and is now used by a lot of people. A lot of travelers have a GoPro to capture their trips.  You can even use a GoPro at home when the kids are playing, when your out on a family trip and the kids are playing in the pool.

  • You can use it for any opportunity: so you can actually use your GoPro in almost every type of event, trip. If you doubting about taking only 1 device? Then I would recommend to take your GoPro with you.
  • It’s very lightweight: have you ever hold a GoPro in your hands? If so, then you know it’s just a small device that you can carry along with you at all time.
  • Easy to use: because the GoPro is such a small device, there aren’t a lot of buttons on it. You have quite a lot of settings to modify your device, but the actual use of it is just easy.
  • Takes great video’s: nobody can argue that the GoPro 5 & GoPro 6 shoot great photos in 1080p or 4K.

Thanks to GoPro you’ll be able to create great holiday videos. Even amateurs will be able to great professional videos of their holiday, trip or just a fun moment with family and friends. But keep in mind that the GoPro isn’t always the best solution to use. You can use it in most situations, but not in all.

When you shouldn’t use the GoPro

The GoPro also has his limits. It’s not the ideal device to captures videos and photos in the following situations:

  • Taking pictures: if you’re looking for a device to take great single shot photos? Than I would recommend to use your smartphone. However, if you want to take photos for a timelapse, then the GoPro is the way to go.
  • Recording sound: the focus of a GoPro is to capture great videos, but this doesn’t include capturing audio. You can easily shoot videos under water, at high speed, in the snow. On those moments you don’t need to record audio.
  • Dark environments: you would want to use your GoPro during daytime or moments with a lot of lights. Capturing videos or photos while it’s dark, the results won’t be superior.

Now you know when to use and more important when not to use your GoPro, we’ll give you more tips of how you can create great holiday videos with your GoPro!

Make sure you have the right GoPro accessories


If you just bought yourself a GoPro, good thinking!, you need to make sure you’ll have right equipment to capture the videos. We hate to tell you that you need some accessories to create the best holiday videos.

You’ll need a GoPro, duh!

This one is a bit obvious, but for people who are looking into how they can create great holiday movies, you’ll need a GoPro. If you don’t have a GoPro already, we’ll recommend to start with the GoPro Hero 5. This isn’t the most recent GoPro but has all the necessary features you’ll need.

Buy yourself a couple of micro SD cards

While you’re shooting your first videos, you’ll notice that GoPro’s eat SD cards. Not literally, but filming with the GoPro will fill up your micro SD cards in no time. We have a couple of 64GB micro SD cards while we’re shooting with the GoPro. But if you go on a holiday, make sure you’ll have a backup device to clear the micro SD cards. This way you can continue to shoot videos without worrying about the storage.

Some extra batteries

A downside of the GoPro and due to it being small is the lifetime of the batteries. If you’re shooting with your GoPro, you’ll notice that the batteries will just drain. After 2-3h of taking videos, you’ll need to recharge. Not ideal when you’re in the middle of your trip, your action, … That’s why we recommend to buy some extra batteries. Thanks to the GoPro Dual charger, you’ll be able to charge your batteries on the fly thanks to a power bank.

Shoot steady videos thanks to a gimball

Thanks to a gimbal you’ll be able to shoot steady videos without vibrations. You can handle a gimbal with just one hand. The gimbal makes sure your camera stays stable regardless of the movements you make. There are a lot of gimbals available. You can buy yourself the GoPro Karma grip, the GoPro’s gimbal. But there are other brands available that you can buy as well.

Some tripods – selfie sticks

You’ll probably be using your GoPro in different situaties. Depending on the situation, you’ll need a different mounts. Like a head strap, chest harness, handlebar for on your bike, aquagrip (that you can use underwater), … There are a lot of accessories available. Don’t go ahead and buy everything at once. Start of with the bare essentials.

Get yourself a backup system

While traveling, you’ll need some micro SD cards to capture all the footage. But even then you’ll need some extra storage to backup all your videos and photos. The best way, in our opinion, is to use the WD My Passport Pro Wireless. It’s a wireless hard drive, with an internal battery, where you can plugin your SD card. The hard drive will automatically copy your file onto the hard drive. So you don’t need a computer to backup your GoPro while traveling.

If you have the right gear, you can start to making your (first) videos.

GoPro holiday videos tips


We would like to give you some great tips to create your own awesome GoPro holiday videos. With these hands-on tips you’ll be on your way of creating great memories of your holidays.

Watch other (travel) videos

Sometimes it’s hard to start of filming. We’ll recommend to go to YouTube and start watching other (travel) videos shot with a GoPro. You’ll have a lot of videos to watch. By watching others, you be able to create your own ideas.

Create a (storytelling) plan

Before you start capturing footage of your holiday, you should know or think about you want to add in your videos. It’s useless to film everything you see. So, before you start recording, think about what story you want to tell, what elements you want to show.

Pro Tip: think about your opening & closing shot of your video. These are the most important elements to have a great video. Because these shots will be remembered the most.

Don’t talk to much

Sometimes you just want to tell, explain, … certain elements of your holiday. To much talking isn’t good for a holiday movie because you prevent people from enjoy the holiday atmosphere. It’s more important that you’ll capture the real background noises to create a holiday sphere.

Pro tip: you can always add a voice-over explanation when you’re editing your holiday video.

Position switch now

Shooting your video from the same perspective everything can be boring. Do some position switch when you’re capturing your video. Use different perspectives and let your footage tell the story.

Shooting original footage

This tip is an extension from the previous one. While you’re filming, try to do something original. Add a timelaps in your video, use a drone to see the whole area, … Think outside of the box.

Make sure you have enough video!

One thing i will recommend is to shoot more. You’ll probably never have enough footage of your trip. You’ll need footage where you or partner is being filmed and footage to fill up your videos. Like: timelapse, the road you took, …

Limit the length of your video

Less is mostly more! Try to limit your video duration. The ideal length? That’s hard to say. You can create a fascinating 10 minute video of a 3 day trip and a boring 5 minute video of a 30 day trip. All depend of your footage, your story.

Just start, try, fail and redo

One of the most important tips we can give you is to start! Just take your GoPro out and start filming. It’s the best way to get to know your device, how to make steady videos, make sure all details are captured.

After the filming, you’ll need to edit your videos. There is a lot of video editing software available both free and paid. Use the GoPro editing software to start. The first videos probably won’t be a success. But the more you’ll try and fail, the better you’ll be.

Pro tip: request feedback from others (even people without a GoPro). By letting other people watch your videos and give you feedback. You’ll be able to improve your shootings or editing skills.

These are great tips to get you started. Do you have any other recommendations or perhaps questions? Don’t hesitate to comment below!

Tips from GoPro experts

We’re not the only ones who have tips for you to make awesome GoPro Holiday movies. Some other experts have tips as wel.. Below we’ve added some videos with tips from other GoPro experts.

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