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Mostly there is a “best time to visit”-moment for each travel destination. There is also a “best time to book” your flight or to book your hotel. But what are the best seats on your flights? People aren’t thinking long enough about the seats they are booking. Mostly because of the price. But for some extra dollars/euro/pounds/… you can have a much better travel experience during your flight. So what are the best seats on your flight? We’ll try to help you decide.

Taking the plane is mostly the first or last step of your holiday / trip. A pleasant flight will give you more satisfaction and peace to start your trip.

What are the best seats?

We can’t answer this question right away, because it’s depending of you think is important or what is important for your trip. Example, do you need to take a transition to another flight, so you can’t lose any time after the landing? Do you have noise? You can’t handle the turbulence? Would you like to sleep during the flight? These, and many other questions, are decisive to choose the best seats. Below we’ve listed the best seats on your flight depending on the different scenarios.

Best seats to survive a plane crash

Popular Mechanics did a study and saw that you have the biggest chance to survive a plane crash when you’re seated at the back of the airplane and in the aisle.

Best seats to have no or the least noice

You would like to enjoy a pleasant flight with the least noice possible? The engines of the airplane can produce a lot of noice. We would recommend to choose your seats in front or at the level of the wings. The engines of the plane are hanging on the wings. The noice always goes to the back. So at the back of the plane, there is more noice coming from the engines.

Best seats for the least burden of turbulence

You don’t enjoy the turbulence during a flight? Or do you have a fear of flying? Then we advise you to choose a seat at the level of the wings. This is the position where there is the least turbulence and movements in the aircraft.

Best seats to get off the plane quickly

Do you have to make a transition? Do you have to catch a train or another flight? Or are you just in a hurry and do you want to get off the plane quickly? Then choose a seat in the front of the plane. These are the best places to get the fastest of the plane.

Best seats to sleep during the flight

Do you want to catch up on some sleep and be able to sleep peacefully on the plane? Then choose a seat against the window so that you can rest your head. And if it is possible, you should choose a seat with some extra legroom (see below) and maybe best on the wings so that you have no or hardly suffer from turbulence.

Best seats with extra legroom

Do you need legroom to stretch your legs? Or are you just tall and needs that space anyway? Then choose a seat at the emergency exit. These have extra leg room as standard. If these seats aren’t available anymore. Pick a seat in the aisle.

What are the best seats on my plane?

Every airline company flies with different aircrafts. That’s why you have to find the best seats specifically for your plane. Fortunately, there is a website where you can check the best seats without problems. Go to Enter the number of your flight or the type of your plane and you will immediately see what the best places are.

Elements that you can’t influence during your flight

Unfortunately, 2 flights (even the same route) are not always the same. There are certain aspects / factors that you have no influence on, but which can seriously disrupt the quality:

The passengers in the plane

For this you need to have a bit of luck. If you get on the plane with noisy passengers, there is a chance that it will be a long flight. Even if someone comes to sit next to you who can not sit still, doesn’t smells that good, has a crybaby with him/her, … Always make the best of it. By concentrating on the negative points, the flight will take longer.

Tip: An upgrade to Business or First Class could offer a solution.

The weather conditions

Just like the passengers on the plane, you have no influence on the weather conditions. A lot of wind, rain, snow, … are weather conditions that affect the flight but you can not have an impact on. Your flight can have some delay or some turbulence during the flight.

When should I reserve my seat?

The best seats will usually be the first ones that are booked. That is why we advise you to book your seat as soon as possible. The sooner you can, the more choice you will have. The later you book your seat, the less choice you have. With certain airline companies you can also reserve the seat directly when booking your tickets. This is the fastest way and the best way to secure your seat.

Ask for a better place on the spot

If you are not 100% satisfied with your place, you may be able to obtain a better seat just before boarding. Arrive early enough at the check-in gate and ask the hostesses if there is a better or different place available, or possibly a place next to each other. Depending on how full the plane is, you can get better seats. If you want to achieve or get something from the hostess, we recommend to be friendly and social to the hostess.

Note: this is not guaranteed. But the chances are that they will make an effort for you. How would you be yourself :-).

Increase your own comfort of the flight

Do you want to have a good flight? Make sure you are prepared. There are several things you can do to have the most pleasant flight possible:

  • Care for chewing gum.
    Because of the pressure difference you can get pain from your ears. By chewing, yawning, … you lower the pressure and it is more pleasant. Especially during take-off and landing we advise you to chew.
  • Allow enough time when switching
    Do you have to take several flights? Then it is advisable to provide sufficient time between the different flights. Keep all that in mind with delay that you may have. Take enough time into account to get to your 2nd flight
  • Choose a more expensive place or more expensive airline
    You probably use, like us, a low-cost airline like Ryanair. But sometimes a more expensive airline can be a better choice. Especially if you have a long flight ahead of you.
  • Provide entertainment
    It does not matter if you fly alone or with two. Make sure you can keep yourself busy on the plane. That way the time will go faster. Watch, for example to a movie, read a (e-)book, listen to music, plan your city trip, it does not matter. As long as you can keep yourself entertained.
  • Provide food and drink
    If you go through the baggage check, you have to deposit your drinks. But at different airports you can buy a bottle of water for 1 euro/dollar just after the baggage check. Take a bottle of water with you on the plane. It is more expensive on the plane itself.

Do you have more tips on how to choose the best place on a plane? Share your experience with the other holiday friends …

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