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It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to Rome, Venice or Lisbon. Every time you packing things you have, at least we do, the idea that we’ll be forgetting something. It’s been some year now that we’ve been traveling to different cities. And each time we’ll use a helpful checklist so we don’t forget anything important. A part of that checklist is handling the gadgets. If you’re traveling far away or rather close to your home, it doesn’t matter. We all need the best travel gadgets and travel essentials to maximise our travel fun, experience. Because we want to enjoy our holiday, our trip, .. to the fullest.

It even doesn’t matter how you’re traveling. Traveling from camping to camping, taking a citytrip or crossing Australia. We’ve compiled a list of the with the best gadgets and essentials you’ll need when you go out and travel.

This list isn’t complete. We’ll update this list regularly. Some gadgets may come obsolete or outdated while new gadgets will be introduced. Perhaps you have some gadgets that’s missing on our list. Because we don’t think it’s an essential item (but we could be wrong) or we have discovered that gadget yet (please send us new ideas).

Our list of best travel gadgets and essentials is divided in separate categories.

The Travel Essentials

If you’re planning to go out, it doesn’t matter where you’re going, with whom, for how long, … These items below should be in your luggage every time.

  • A decent Travel Day Bag
    While you’re traveling, you’ll need to bring a lot of stuff which will probably be heavy at some time. And you’ll probably need to wear your bag day in and day out. That’s why should shouldn’t buy a travel day bag on a budget. Don’t just buy and bag from the internet and start traveling without trying it first. It should fit perfectly. There are some great guides how to pick the best travel day bag.
    TIP: look for a bag where you can add a hydration bladder.
  • Insulated water bottle
    While we’re talking about hydration. While traveling you’ll need to make sure that you drink enough water. Certainly when you’re traveling to warm destinations. An insulated water bottle will come in handy and it’s on our checklist every time. We would recommend the Hydro Flask or Klean Kanteen.
  • A good travel guide of your travel destination
    Every time you’ll visit a new destination, new city, region our country, a decent travel guide is an essential part of your trip. You don’t want to be missing an important must-see while you’re there.
  • Ear buds
    We didn’t use ear buds for a long time, but now we have them, we don’t leave without. While traveling a good night of sleep is important. If you’re staying in a noisy neighbourhood the ear buds will be very welcome. Also when you’re on a plane and try to do a nap. Those ear buds will be helpful.



Create memories (photos & videos)

An important part (for us at least) is creating memories. While we’re traveling we always have a DSRL camera with us and since last year a GoPro. You’ll see so many beautiful things you’ll need to capture and create a memory of it. After every trip or holiday we create some kind of memory book (photobook digital or physical), create a holiday movie, … All great things you can later use to look back and enjoy the awesome memories. There are some essentials travel gadgets we have on our checklist.

  • A great camera
    We use a DSLR camera while traveling, but this doesn’t mean you should do it to. But we recommend to look for a great camera. Your smartphone camera can be an excellent choice for a travel camera. You have a lot of options. Next to the camera, we recommend to take a GoPro or other action camera with you.
  • Backup photos and videos with the WD My Passport Wireless Pro
    We’ve been looking for good ways to backup our photos and videos while we’re traveling. The best way is to use the WD My Passport Wireless Pro. This external harddrive with an internal battery and SD card reader can automatically copy and backup your photos and videos.
  • GoPro and the necessary accessories
    I’ve already recommended that you should bring along a GoPro while you’re traveling. This multifunctional action camera will come in handy in many different situations. But just a GoPro isn’t enough. You’ll need some equipment to maximise the use of your action camera.
  • External power bank
    Never run out of juice anymore thanks to a power bank. If you buy one make sure it’s compact and has a lot of capacity like this great power bank from Xstorm.

The right travel apps for your smartphone

Next to the travel essential gadgets, there are also some applications we would recommend to download before you depart.

  • Waze
    Traveling by car, then you just need to use WAZE to navigate. This is the best GPS you can ever buy. And the best thing is, it’s for FREE.
  • Tripadvisor
  • Google Maps

Entertainment along your trip

If you’re traveling, you’ll know that waiting is part of traveling. Waiting on your plane, train or bus. The time you spend on the plane, train, …  and delays you’re facing. Spending some time in your hotelroom. There are different moment where some entertainment will come in handy. We try to bring the following gadgets while we’re traveling.

  • Ereader/ tablet
  • Noise cancelling earbuds
  • Books / Movies / Series

You can’t starve or dehydrate

  • Multi tool travel mealkit
  • Insulated water bottle

Other gadgets

  • Travel blanket

As said, this list isn’t complete (yet). We’ll continue to update this list of essentials travel gadgets so you can start your travel adventures with all the things you’ll need.

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