Best cities in Europe for a citytrip in the summer

Best cities in Europe for a citytrip in the summer

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Citytrips, one of the most popular ways of visiting a city or taking a weekend off. And the good news, for all the citytrip-fans, you can plan and take your citytrip throughout the year. Every season is ideal to visit a city. Discovering a new city, as a local, explore the culture, art, fine restaurants and bars… Every city has it’s own characteristics, advantages, .. And every city has it’s ideal time to visit. Below we’ve listed the best cities in Europa to visit during the summer. So, are you planning a trip in the summer? Checkout these best citytrips in the summer.

Going out for a citytrip during the summer?

We all love the summer right? Me too. Higher temperatures, the days are longer, less rain (in most cases) and everyone is happy. We’re allowed to get some ice cream, we can go to festivals, … So only good things happen during the summer.

And most important, you can do a citytrip to one of the cities below.

TIP: Ever thought about doing a roadtrip in Europe? This way you can visit multiple cities in one trip. Do the roadtrip by car or rent a car. It will be a lot of fun. This way you can check some cities from your bucketlist.

Bilbao (Spain)

One of the cities that deserves more attention. The captial city of the Basque Country in Spain is a hidden treasure and not yet discovered city for the tourists.

Lisbon (Portugal)

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal is a must see city. You can actually visit this city throughout the year. It’s the most sunny city/region of Europe in the summer and in the winter. But we would recommend to see Lisbon in the summer.

Rome (Italy)

The capital city of Italy and perhaps once the capital city of Europe can’t be forgotten. Rome has been one of the mightiest cities in the world. It has a lot to offer: culture, architecture, the great Italian food, the wine, … A lot of the must-sees of Rome are outdoor, so it’s best to plan your trip during the summer.

Venice (italy)

We stay a little longer in Italy and go North to Venice. The city in the water. You can get lost in the small streets and bridges, do a great tour on a Gondola or just relax on at a bar.

Stockholm (Sweden)

The Swedish capital city also deserves more attention. See the old city center and taste the atmosphere. Go, just like the locals, to the cozy parks. Sweden doesn’t have the most warm climate, so we recommend to plan your trip in the summer.

Which cities you’ll better NOT visit during the summer

It’s important and handy to know which cities you can visit during the summer months. But it’s, in our opinion, even more important to know which cities you better avoid in the summer. A small list below.

You’ll better not visit these cities during the summer months. Why? Because it’s just too hot during that time of year. We would recommend to visit the following cities during Spring or Autumn:

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Sevilla
  • Marrakech
  • Firenze
  • Istanbul

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