Trip to Stockholm – how many days/nights needed?

Stockholm, the Swedish capital is an ideal city to plan a city trip. The city is surrounded by small islands and has huge cozy parks. Many tourists and locals can find it very good in this beautiful city. Stockholm is not that big compared to other capitals. But the question is: how many days do you need to visit Stockholm?

City trip Stockholm – How many days?

Since Stockholm is not such a big city, with 3 full days you have enough time to see the whole city. Picking a museum here and there can also be successful. Given the size you can visit the entire city on foot. If you do not have 3 days, a Hop on, Hop off bus might be a solution. But we certainly do not recommend this. Because with this you do not get a real sense of what is going on in the city.

Where is Stockholm located?

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is located in the south west of the country. It’s still the mainland of Sweden but connects many small island with each other.

Tips to save

Sweden can compare you with Belgium in terms of costs. But a hotel stay is slightly more expensive. In addition, it is not recommended to buy cosmetics in Stockholm.

What is the best period for a city trip to Stockholm?

I hear you thinking about Sweden, a cold country. When can I best go to Stockholm? Stockholm is a city that you can visit all year round. Every season is ideal to go to the capital of Sweden because you can not compare the feeling temperatures of us with the sensation temperatures of Sweden.

In Stockholm there is a temperate maritime climate. This means that you have general cool summery and mild winter temperatures. But it is not uncommon that in the summer you have temperatures above 25 degrees (days / weeks long) and in winter the same but around -25 degrees Celcius.

The feeling temperature (mainly from the colder months) is completely different than with us. You can compare it with -3 ° with us and 5 ° in Stockholm (our opinion and is not scientifically substantiated).

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