The best budget hotels in Lisbon


Budget hotels in the center of Lisbon

You won't have any difficulties finding a great place to stay in Lisbon. The amount of hotels, b&b and cheap hostels is great.

Throughout the city center you'll be able to find great budget hotels. A good alternative is renting an apartment. This is mostly done by people who stay a bit longer in Lisbon, but ever for a short trip to Lisbon, an apartment is a great solution when you're visiting Lisbon with friends and/or family.

If you're staying in the city center of Lisbon, a lot of things to do are reachable by foot. Popular regions to stay are Afalma and Barrio Alto with a great amount of restaurants and bars.


Deals for budget hotels in Lisbon

Budget hotels in the center of Lisbon

Tips to find a cheap location to stay

It doesn't matter if you're trying to find a cheap place to stay in Lisbon, London of New York. These tips will apply everywhere.

Book on time: the take-away here is to book your hotel, hostel, b&b or apartment as soon as possible. The earlier you can book, the more benefits you'll have.

Find budget deals: you shouldn't only search for the cheapest hotels. But you should also search for great budget deals. Some hotels have some deals/offers with a big discount. Below we've listed some great deals for you!

Alternative places

When people are visiting a city, they tend to book a hotel. But there are some great alternatives to stay:

Hostels: the cheapest way to stay in Lisbon is by booking a hostel. But it's important to book as soon as possible.

Apartments: Apartments are great for a group of friends, people who stay for a long period and even for people who don't like hotels. Apartment can certainly be a cheap(er) alternative then a hotel.

Go during low season: each city has it's high season. The most popular period to visit the city. We would recommend to try and go outside of this season. The less popular, the lower the prices of the hotels will be. Ideal to vind a budget or cheap hotel in Lisbon.

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