Bruges: how many days/night needed?


When you’re planning a trip to Bruges, you probably want to know how many days you need to visit Bruges. Bruges, aka “the Venice of the North” (the same nickname Amsterdam sometimes gets). Bruges is one of the popular cities of Belgium and it’s definitely worth a visit! The medieval history in the city center, … Read moreBruges: how many days/night needed?

Citytrip London: how many days needed?


One of the most popular citytrips for European citizens: a trip to London. The capital city of England is a must visit city. And deservedly. Because London has a lot to offer. But the question is: how many days/nights are needed to explore? A question that every traveler has asked. Citytrip to London – How … Read moreCitytrip London: how many days needed?

Citytrip to Barcelone: how many days needed?


One of the most popular citytrip destinations must be Barcelona in Spain. The beautiful capital city of Catalonia is a very active city and favourite destinations for students. But also travels and citytrippers love this place. Barcelona has an excessive amount of must sees, and you can enjoy the pleasant temperatures of Spain. Be honest, … Read moreCitytrip to Barcelone: how many days needed?