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New Zealand is a wonderfull country and definetly worth a visit. But before you can start planning your trip to New Zealand, you should know what the best time is to visit New Zealand. Everyone who goes to this great country has a different plan in their mind. Some want to go hiking, others want to combine with a trip to Australia and others want to have snow when they’re in New Zealand. Below, we’re going to give you more information regarding the best time to visit NZ.

Best time to go to New Zealand

In general we can say that the best time to visit New Zealand is in December, January, February and March.

Things you should know about New Zeland

First things first. You should know that New Zealand is located in the Southern hemisphere. This means that the summer in New Zealand is during the European or American winter.

Winter: June – july – August
Spring: September – October – November
Summer: December – January – Februari
Automn: March – April – May

Other than than, daytime in New Zealand is nighttime in Europe and America. So keep that in mind. There is a change you’ll be suffering from a jetlag when you’re traveling to or from New Zealand.

Climate of New Zealand

New Zealand can benefit from a tempered sea climate. This means that there are no hard winters and doable summers. But due to the sea climate the weather can be a little unpredictable. Weather can change every single moment. So when you’re traveling to New Zealand, make sure you bring your umbrella (or rain clothes).

Popular times to visit New Zealand

Each year a lot of people travel to New Zealand. The most busy months are during the summer (december untill february) and during the winter (may untill August).

If you want to enjoy New Zealand with as little other tourists as possible, the best time to visit New Zealand is February, March, October and November.

Best time to visit New Zealand and Australia

If you want to combine your holiday to New Zealand and stop in Australia, you should also know what the best time is to combine both countries. You already know what the best time is to travel to New Zealand. In general, the best time to go to Australia is October.

We would recommend, if you want to visit New Zealand and Australia, to go to Australia in October and visit New Zealand after your Australian adventure.

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