Amsterdam – How many days needed?

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The Dutch capital is one of the most popular destinations to visit. The vibrant city has a lot to offer. Every traveler with his/her own preferences will be satisfied. Amsterdam has, just like Bruges, the nickname “The Venice of the North”. Why? Because there are different channels running through the city. More than 100km of canals can be found in Amsterdam. Planning your trip to this city? Then you want to know how many days you have to spend there. Let’s find out how many days you need to see Amsterdam.

Amsterdam – How many days needed?

We recommended to spend at least 5 days in the city. But if you can stay longer, we would definitely recommend it. Many go to Amsterdam to realise that this Dutch capital has more to offer than initially thought and that their trip was too short. So try to stay 5 days in this great city.

Amsterdam in 1 day

You only have 1 day or 24h to spend in Amsterdam? That’s not a lot. But let’s make the best of it. If you have only limited time to spend, these are the must things you should do.

  • Get a bicycle to see the city
  • Get yourself the IAMsterdam City Card (unlimited use of transportation & free admission to many Amsterdam Attractions)
  • See the Rijksmuseum
  • Get on the Amsterdam canals
  • Experience the Anna Frank House / museum
  • See the Amsterdam Red Light District
    One of the famous tourist attractions especially for the coffee shops & in-your-face prostitution.

Where is Amsterdam located?

Amsterdam is located in the center of the Netherlands and can be easily reached from Belgium. In about 2h30m you are in the capital of the Netherlands by car. Since this beautiful city is definitely a must and should be on your bucket list, you are actually in no time in the center of the city.

Best time to visit Amsterdam

You can actually visit Amsterdam throughout the year. But the best time to visit this lovely city is between April and September. In Spring you can see the tulips and in the summer you can benefit from the nice weather. But more and more people are also visiting Amsterdam in Autumn and Winter. Because the prices tend to be a bit lower during this period. But now you know how long you should stay in Amsterdam, you can start to plan your trip.

Where to stay in Amsterdam?

Spend at least 4 nights in Amsterdam to experience what the city can offer. To do so, you’ll need a place to stay.

Amsterdam has a big variety of hotels, b&b, hostels, appartments, … to stay. Even some special locations where you can sleep (like a boathouse).

Conclusion: how many days to see Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a great citytrip destination or a must stopover when you’re roadtripping through the Netherlands or Europe.

You should definitely try to spend 5 days in Amsterdam to see everything this great city has to offer.

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