Rome – Best airport to fly into

If you would ask any local what the best airport is to fly into when visiting Rome, his / her answer would be Fiumicino (Leonard da Vinci) airport or Ciampino airport. Actually there are only 2 airports in Rome. So one of these airports is also thé best airport to fly into.

In this article we’ll give you more information and insights in what the best airport is to fly into when you’re visiting or wanting to visit Rome.

Difference between the Airports in Rome

Fiumicini (aka Leonardo da Vinci) airport is the main airport of Rome and also the international airport. If you’re flying to Rome via an international carrier, the chances are you’ll land in Fiumicini. This airport is located 30 kilometers (20 miles) outside of Rome city center. The airport is located at the coast. The train will take you in 40 minutes to the city center. With a taxi or airport shuttle, you’ll need approximately 30 minutes.

Ciampino, the other airport of Rome, is much smaller than Fiumicini airport. Some low cost carriers will use this airport to land on. Ciampino is a smaller airport but is also closer to the city center. It’s only 15km or 6 miles outside the city center of Rome.

So what’s the best airport to fly into Rome?

Well, both airports have their advantages and disadvantages.


+ It’s the biggest airport of Rome
+ More airlines fly into Rome on this airport
+ It’s easier / more convient to get into the city center (even when the distance is further)

– It’s further away from the city center of Rome then Ciampino


+ It’s closer to the city center

– if you’ll renting a car outside the airport, you’ll be quickly in the city center. Otherwise it’s a bigger hassle to get there.


In our honest opinion and experiences, we would recommend to use the Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci) airport to fly into Rome when you have that possibility.

Keep in mind that the prices for your tickets can be more expensive for one of the airports.



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