City trip Budapest – how many days/nights needed?

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As citytrippers, one of our objectives is to visit all European capital cities. Europe currently has 53 countries. So we have a lot of city trips ahead of us. If you, like us, are a big fan of traveling, you know that there are worse things in life. We chose Budapest for one of our last city trip. Planning your trip to Budapest, the only thing you’ll need to know: how many days you’ll need to visit the city.

City trip Budapest: how many days?

A question that, is literary asked by all travelers going to Budapest: how many days should I stay in Budapest? Budapest is a beautiful city and there is much to see. You need at least 3 full days to really get to know the city. You need 1 day to discover the district of Buda and 2 days for the district Pest. This gives you enough time to visit the most important sights in Budapest and to get to know the culture and history.

Budapest is known since the Romans for its (blessed) hot springs (thermal baths). It is definitely recommended to take this too. Do not you want to miss this last one? Then count 1 extra day to enjoy / relax.

Note: the number of days you have to keep free for Budapest also depends on how you visit a city. We prefer to do everything on foot as much as possible. This also means that you need more time in a city. If you are a fan of the “Hop on Hop Off” experience, then you have enough for 2 days (without the thermal baths).

Public transport in Budapest

In Budapest you can fall back on a well-organized public transport. If you stay in Budapest for several days, it may be interesting to purchase the Budapest Travel Card. In addition, the city is also equipped with an excellent bicycle network. You take the bike at point A and you can leave it without problems in point B. More info can be found here:

Where is Budapest located?

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. And lies between Austria, Slovakia, Romania Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. It is not so far from following cities:

  • Vienna: 250km
  • Graz: 400km
  • Zagreb: 425km
  • Bratislava: 200km
  • Perhaps ideal if you are in the area (by car).

Stay in Budapest

Budapest has become more popular in recent years in terms of tourism. The number of places to spend the night has also grown enormously. However, the city is huge so that these other tourists can not become a hate point. For our city trip to Budapest we spent the night in Elizabeth Boulevard Apartments. A cozy apartment in the center of the city. The ideal base to discover the city.

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