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Hong Kong from below and above

Hong Kong has long held a fascinating middle ground between east and west. Its British colonial past has heavily influenced everything from its political structure to the double-decker buses that zoom to and fro, while the city’s location in the heart of Asia has given it a spicy, distinctly Chinese personality lit by neon and laced with customs and culture from around the region.

Over the past several centuries, the area that is now generally known as “Hong Kong” – Hong Kong island, several small and large surrounding islands, and the chunk of land that extends down from mainland China called the New Territories – has been fought over, occupied, colonized and finally expatriated due to its strategic location and important role in the development of the region. Today, it’s one of the world’s great cities – a center of finance and shipping, a showcase for cutting edge tech, delicious food and soaring architecture, a travel hub, and a high-profile tourist destination.

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los angeles: hollywood walk of fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Actually, there are probably way more than 10 things you do not know about the Hollywood Walk of Fame. More like the number of stars in the skies, however many that might be.

The LA-based showbiz tribute has more character than a matinee idol's craggy grin. It boils down to a string of sidewalks along either side of a 15-block segment of Hollywood Boulevard and a three-block strip of another street (Vine). The thoroughly urban landmark serves as a public monument to entertainment industry achievement.

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