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Big City Transit: Singapore

You’re never far from where you want to be in Singapore – and that’s just one more reason to love the local transit system. You can wheel around in a trishaw or board a bumboat to cruise the Singapore River and admire the skyline. For pure transit needs in this world-class city, you’ll find everything you need between the MRT, taxis and buses. And as with so many things in Singapore, you can expect that the infrastructure is going to be well-organized and spotlessly clean.

Residents and long-term visitors carry an EZ-Link stored value card, which covers both the MRT and bus networks and eliminates those awkward scrounging-for-change-in-your-pocket moments. If you’re just in the city for a few days, pick up a Singapore Tourist Pass for a few bucks per day and enjoy unlimited access to the MRT and buses. 

Read on for a breakdown of Singapore’s transit system:

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Asia Street-Smart Travel Tips 

Let’s start this post with a sweeping statement. Broadly speaking, violent crime in Asia is rare. But low-level opportunism does pose a risk, as it does to gullible or unprepared travelers anywhere. The Asia region also has its share of environmental gremlins and tricky cultural hurdles. With this in mind, save yourself a ton of hassle and find out how to avoid and/or overcome these travel challenges.

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san francisco: weird san francisco 

Haight-Ashbury Fishnet Stockings

San Francisco can seem like a cross between a funhouse and a madhouse. If, like me, you have wiled away months in the city nicknamed the Paris of the West, you will know to expect the unexpected.

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