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New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Asia’s Big Cities

Spending New Year’s Eve in a strange city is always a bit daunting. Where do you go? What should you do? Where’s the best place to experience the holiday as the locals do? With that in mind, contacted some locals in Asia’s biggest cities and asked them where they’d go if they wanted a good show, some great fireworks, and big crowds of people celebrating their entry into 2014.

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tokyo: best german pub in the world

best german pub in the world

I just spent eight days in Berlin and I thought I’d share with you the best German pub I’ve ever been to.  It’s got great draught beer, good greasy pub food, the typical stale beer pub smell, a kitschy tile mural of a Bavarian family straight out of the 1930’s and it’s packed full of Japanese locals.

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food blog: tabemono 101

takeaway foods in Japan

Let me begin with a disclaimer: I don’t have greatly specific Tokyo food knowledge. I’ve been there half a dozen times and have eaten well on every occasion, so obviously it’s not like eating well requires special powers, but the following may help if you think you can’t go to Japan because you don’t like whale or raw horse meat.

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