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Fresh from the Grill – Charcoal Roasted Thai Food You Can’t Miss

From the streets of Bangkok to the beaches of Phuket, you can find a tantalizing selection of Thai food that’s freshly grilled and waiting to be eaten. The alluring aroma of grilled meat can be smelled easily in most every village, town or city you happen to be in, and finding a delicious, hot snack is never difficult.

As an example, a trip to Thailand would not be complete without sampling a handful of bite-sized sticks of grilled meat right off the grill. Moo ping (moo=pork, ping=barbecued), are little pieces of pork marinated in sweet soy sauce, pierced by a bamboo skewer, and cooked to juicy perfection. Other choices include chicken hearts, chicken intestines, and even the beloved all-fat chicken anuses (although you won’t find too many foreigners lining up for those). Meat on a stick is often accompanied by a small bag of sticky rice, and alternating bites of smoky meat with little balls of gooey rice makes the perfect on-the-go snack.

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