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Not Your Traditional Salad – Ten Thai Dishes That Redefine the Word

For many westerners, the idea of a salad is pretty simple, and usually revolves around lettuce and other veggies. But once you start exploring other culinary trends, you’ll find that ‘salad’ is a pretty broad term, and nowhere is that more evident than in Thailand. The Thais use a multitude of fresh ingredients to make up a large variety of dishes that technically qualify as salad. I’m a huge fan of all of these, and here are ten of my personal favorites.

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food blog: thailand on a diet

diet foods in thailand

Very few people have the resolve to diet when traveling – part of the ‘authentic’ experience is to consume as much local cuisine as your stomach will physically allow, or that’s always been my policy. Still, in the interest of not being mistaken for a lost dugong while floundering in the breaks off Karon Beach next vacation, here are some low-fat Thai foods to gorge on.

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