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Where's the best place to surf in Asia?

Serious surfers may not think of Southeast Asia as the surfing destination of choice because of the general lack of decent-sized waves along the coastlines. Indonesia, though, is one exception. Unlike other beach destinations in SE Asia that have somewhat unreliable wave formations, this country of many islands boasts over a hundred plus excellent breaks, and is ranked in the top ten of the best surf sites in the world.

Professional and elite surfers flock to this popular destination, especially to the holiday islands of Kuta, Bali and the Mentawai Islands, to experience some of the best waves around. These areas, especially Bali, often see consistent waves up to four meters high from April to November.

For the more advanced, G-land (Grajagan) in East Java is an internationally-famed surf spot and an excellent stomping ground for those wanting to ride the world’s longest and fastest reef-breaks. Wave-hunters seeking awesome left-waves (waves breaking from right to left) will not be disappointed here.  Padang is another recommended site, with waves coming in from almost every direction, making it an attractive venue to find breaks with offshore conditions. The best time to visit is from March to October, while those looking for the biggest swells should head out there from June to September.

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