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How to order noodle soup in Thailand

I’m not ashamed to admit it. The first few times that I tried to order a bowl of kuay tiaw (noodle soup) in Thailand, I failed miserably. It’s not that I didn’t end up with a bowl of noodles. I just didn’t have the answers for all of the questions the vendor asked me. Who knew there were so many variables at play?

While it’s certainly not rocket science, your first trip to the local kuay tiaw stand can be intimating. So before you take your first plunge into Thailand’s favorite late-night snack, take a moment to review the formula. While the order of your selection doesn’t really make a difference, the following ingredients are listed in the order that most people choose them.

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When can I slurp?

When in a ramen shop…

A couple of weeks back, the boyfriend and I decided to swing by this ramen noodle shop that is often raved about by critics for its bona-fide ramen taste.  

At the table next to us was a young Japanese gentleman who was shamelessly devouring his noodles. With every bite of his steamy noodles, came a toilet-flushing like sound as oodles of noodles were slurped from the bowl up into his waiting mouth. He was clearly enjoying his bowl of ramen while fully oblivious to his surroundings, which just happened to be a number of (mostly Thai) people staring and even giggling at him. 

The two of us looked at each other and simultaneously turned to look at the young man, fascinated by the sound he was making. Now, mind you, we both knew that the young man was practicing Japanese etiquette, indicating with his noisy slurps the level of enjoyment he was getting from the noodles. This devoting of yourself to the bowl is widely practiced in Japan. The problem was we were not in Japan…

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