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Laos: Lao PDR's Buddha Park

Bhudda Park in Laos

An alternative to big-ticket Asian attractions like Angkor Wat, Buddha Park hovers hypnotically just outside Lao PDR’s capital, Vientiane. Far more than a theme park, Buddha Park, or Xieng Khuan ('Spirit City'), rips up the rulebook. Many expats in Thailand or tubing enthusiasts on their way through Vientiane from Van Vieng limit their Vientiane experience to drinking Beerlao by the Mekong or eating baguettes in cafes or shopping at Talat Sao. 

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laos: vientiane, sandalwood city

The “PDR” part of Laos PDR stands for “Pretty Damn Relaxed”, they say. Visit Laos People's Democratic Republic – a landlocked country wedged between several nations, including Thailand – and you will find that the saying rings true. The pace of life rarely exceeds a buffalo stroll.

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luang prabang: lounging in lao

Luang Prabang is cozy little town with stunning scenery. Accessible via a two-day slow boat down the Mekong – which is probably the most memorable way to get there – the town is a tourist haven, but has managed not to lose its authenticity. The locals smile kindly as you pass them by, in a genuine way that tells you that you could be nowhere else but Laos.

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food blog: a day in vientiane

best restaurant in vientiane

It’s not fair to only have a day to eat in one country, but sometimes it helps you narrow down what’s really important. In Laos, the must-eat item in this instance was bread, because thanks to former French occupation, you can get it everywhere. For a literal bag of baguettes, the food stalls outside the Morning Market are the easiest and cheapest bet, but for something more famous and expensive, the Scandinavian Bakery or Café Croissant D’or offer pastries, rolls and cakes plus proper coffee. No locals go, but a higher-calorie brunch in Laos would be hard to find.

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