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High Tea in Asia

Leave it to the English aristocracy to turn a simple afternoon snack into a full-blown production, complete with artfully prepared petits fours (bite-sized snacks) that look so nice they actually invoke a twinge of guilt when bitten into. Just a twinge, though. I mean, honestly – you’re supposed to eat them.

Fortunately for today’s travelers, you don’t have to be a duke or a duchess to count yourself among the socialites at a high-brow afternoon tea affair. Some of the finest high tea affairs in the world are staged in five-star hotels across Asia – and particularly in former seats of the British colonial empire. To that end, let’s have a look at a few of the best places to enjoy high tea in Asia.

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singapore: the best high tea 

With its colonial influences and history as a bit of a tea trading post, the popularity of high tea and tea rooms – especially among visitors and expats – has deeply cemented roots. And, of course, with good teas come some highly-praised baked goods: delicious macaroons, scones and even old-fashioned cookies. Here’s a selection of tearooms and high teas in Singapore to get your journey brewing.

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