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Big City Transit: Paris, France

Getting around is a pleasure in Paris—especially if you’re into cycling or cruising the River Seine. But in even more practical terms, this is a city that knows how to organize public transport. Between the metro, light rail, tram and bus lines, you’re able to get anywhere in the city center on relatively short notice. And in all honesty, even walking is a pleasure in a city that’s as chock full of attractions as this. 

For transport purposes, the city is divided into six different zones (though you’ll probably be spending most of your time in Zones 1 and 2). Metro tickets can purchased from vending machines in the stations and also provide access to buses and trams. Save money by buying them in bundles of ten (called a carnet), or you can even pick up daily or weekly passes. The Paris Visite pass is intended especially for tourists.

Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of Paris’ public transit options:

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Insider View: Majestic Marseilles

Marseilles, the iconic port city on the French Mediterranean coast, can truly be described by that overworked cliché, ‘a melting pot’.  Ever since the Phoenicians sailed in to the city’s wonderful natural harbor in 600 BC, generations of travelers from all over the world have been drawn to the city.  Greeks, Romans, and Arabs from North Africa were all drawn to the city over the centuries.

Blessed with a natural harbor, sheltered by a scattering of offshore islands out to sea and with ranges of mountains behind, and bathed in a warm sunny climate, it is hardly surprising that generations of travelers over the last 2500 years chose to settle here, all adding their little contribution to the cultural melting pot that the city is today.

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