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City Insider: A weekend of exploring in Dubai

Dubai is many things to many people – actually, let’s be honest, it’s mainly shopping to most people – but while a recent mother-and-daughter weekend there definitely highlighted the commercial side of Dubai, we found a few other great reasons to appreciate to this glittering, booming, ever-changing city state.

First of all, it’s incredibly safe. So safe that when we decided to go for a walk at a rather ungodly hour we wandered through well-lit streets, saw plenty of guards watching over things, and never had a single moment of doubt or fear.

For family travelers, this is a real reason to return. Safe, clean and friendly - what a winning combination.

But for a first-timer to Dubai, what should be on the agenda? What is un-missable in this amazing city? Suppose you have just a weekend, as we did. What should absolutely be on the to-do list?

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Do drop by Dubai

There used to be a catchy slogan promoting Dubai, back in the days when it was little more than a shopping paradise.

“Fly buy Dubai.”

Then, the idea was to break your journey from, say Europe to Asia with a stopover in Dubai, where you could shop, shop, shop to your heart’s content, and be on your way.  Because, back then, there wasn’t honestly much else to do in this city-state.

Fast forward to Dubai today, a fabulous holiday destination in its own right, regardless of whether one shops or not. (Though you probably will, let’s be honest).

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