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Thai seafood favorites

From fish to crustaceans, many forms and varieties of seafood play a major role in Thai cuisine. Deep fried, steamed, curried, and roasted are just a few ways that seafood is prepared, and there is no end to the ways in which seafood can be combined with the spicy, tangy, sour and sweet flavors in traditional Thai cooking. For seafood lovers, Thailand is a paradise!

Here are five locally popular seafood dishes in Thailand.

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food blog: thailand on a diet

diet foods in thailand

Very few people have the resolve to diet when traveling – part of the ‘authentic’ experience is to consume as much local cuisine as your stomach will physically allow, or that’s always been my policy. Still, in the interest of not being mistaken for a lost dugong while floundering in the breaks off Karon Beach next vacation, here are some low-fat Thai foods to gorge on.

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