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you know what i hate? noise

i hate noise
You know what I hate? Noise. Whether it’s screaming kids in New York restaurants, horns in Hanoi, yappy tourists in Bangkok, trains in Tokyo or stupid club music pulsing in department stores (someone needs to explain that to me), noise is EVERYWHERE.

Awhile back, I was traveling cross-country from Vancouver to Toronto and a buddy of mine leans over half-way through the 6-hour flight and said try these on, you’ll instantly feel better. Which was strange, because I wasn’t feeling bad, nevertheless, I took his little black man-purse and pulled out these slick silver headphones named Bose. I cupped ‘em over my ears. They did feel pretty good. Then he leaned over and clicked the red-button. BAM! Instant serenity. I was amazed at how good they made me feel. I wasn’t aware of all the ambient noise that existed on a flight. It all just disappeared. Amazing.

About a year later I flew to Hong Kong from Vancouver. I had just purchased of set of those kickass headphones…okay, I actually begged family to get them for my birthday, still, I had them. The 3am flight begins boarding. I notice a young couple with a three year old who is still awake and not looking happy. They sit a couple rows over from me, and one row back, behind another young couple…who don’t have my headphones. I think you know where this is going. The kid starts crying, and not just crying, angry-crying.  The parents try calming him…for the first 3 hours, finally they just give up. Just like the couple sitting ahead of them give up on trying to sleep. Hong Kong to Vancouver is about 12-hours, the kid bawled for 8. I sincerely wish I was joking.  However, I had my noise canceling headphones and slept like a baby. Best $400 I’ve ever spent…or begged for. Apparently they work by just replacing noise with noise (white noise) but man, they are worth every penny.

Here are some of the best ones out there. And some cool directions to make a pair of your own.  If you know of better ones, let me know.

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