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italian foods in bangkok

There’s a limit to how much Pad Thai one can eat in Thailand – actually, there’s not, I have proof – but anyway, should the love for one noodle wane, there are plenty of places ready to fill the void.

Because there are molto benny Italian restaurants in Bangkok, let’s focus on Sukhumvit. First stop is Limoncello on soi 11 – terrible frontage (it’s behind another Italian restaurant), excellent everything else. Pizzas are the point here and there’s a long list of them, plus the restaurant itself is cosy and casual.

Next stop is Little Italy – excellent frontage on the corner of Soi 23 and Sukhumvit, open 24 hours. The full food menu finishes around 2am but diners come and go all night for drinks on the patio. I always go for the Zuppa Del Mare here and while nothing is memorable, everything is passable, especially after stumbling straight out of Soi Cowboy. So I hear.

One of my favourite Italian restaurants (NB. I’ve not been to L’Opera yet) is Giusto. It’s got a posh modern vibe going for it and I always order the soft-shell crab salad and the salmon, and I’ve never been disappointed. The staffs are all crisp and polite and for me, this constitutes a special night out. Last time I went there, a meal for two cost 13000 baht, mostly on champagne.

Lastly, a vote for the veggo’s: Govinda. Eschewing conventional Italian meatiness, salads here are completely undersold by the ‘salad’ classification. Cheese is well represented, all ingredients are super fresh and the entire menu is done with imagination – even the ‘fake’ meat dishes some find so offensive. The Govinda salad, hot pizza bread and some risotto balls make my perfect meatless meal. Also the ‘Chicken’ Alla Funghi because I like things that are delicious, regardless of their fake-meat content.

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