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best restaurant in Siem Reap

Lots of people boast how they stayed in Cambodia for 5c a night or whatever, but I don’t like sharing my room with livestock, so I opted for the FCC Angkor. This choice was in part influenced by the reviews I’d read of the FCC’s restaurant, which fortuitously delivered.

After a horrendous flight through what felt to be a multiple-vortex tornado, the last thing on my mind after touchdown was food. I’d felt it a major victory just keeping lunch down on descent, so at the top of my To-Consume list was a stiff drink or twenty.

Happily, the FCC Angkor is one cool dig. The Bar at Angkor befits the hotel’s boutique status and calming spirits were imbibed at $3 a glass. And what of the food? Appetites are easily reignited by a long Italian menu – duck salad, gnocchi and chilli mud crab three personal must-eats. Local Khmer dishes are also on offer and cheaper; the aromatic Amok Saich Trei (steamed fish/lemongrass/coconut cream) was practically inhaled.

The best thing about the FCC is breakfast. It’s complimentary and served until 2pm, which to me is revolutionary. You could do all your temple tours then come back and have your complimentary amazing breakfast! Plus, it involved proper bread with the fry-up articles. Revolutionary, I say! I could devote this entire blog to the Angkor Kitchen, but it would be remiss of me not to mention….

… Hotel de la Paix’s Meric With some perhaps tenuous links to a three-star Michelin chef, the International and Khmer dishes here are worth paying more for. When I visited, the menu included snake, which I felt compelled to try, but was less impressed with than I would have been with, say, the Aussie sirloin. The courtyard dining area here features tables and chairs on swings – great for lovebirds, not so great if you’ve just flown through a twister.  

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