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worldwide club guide: perth

nightlife in perth

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is the most isolated big city in the world but it’s increasingly accessible thanks to cheap flights from Asia. It’s a hard-drinking, hard-partying town and Sunday afternoon - known locally as ‘Sunday Sessions’ - is a particularly popular time to get your drink on. Of course, dedicated clubbers use Sunday Sessions as a recovery from the night before and a warm up for the night to come…

The main nightclub district is Northbridge. Metro City Concert Club (146 Roe St, Northbridge) is the largest with most big international acts playing here when in town. It’s a superclub with five bar areas, some overlooking the main dancefloor where you can see the club’s official dancers as well as hundreds of patrons shaking their booties. Saturday nights is the main club night with DJs playing commercial R&B and house music.

Another large, popular night-spot is the Hip-E Club (663 Newcastle Street, Leederville) which has just celebrated its 20th birthday. It’s not exactly cool but it’s a lot of fun, with the dance floor featuring an ancient Volkswagen Combi Van as the DJ booth. The music is from the 70s, 80s, 90s as well as the Noughties and the interior is a colorful neon kaleidoscope. There’s also a ‘tropical’ outdoor area with a bar and large umbrellas.

If you want cool, try the Geisha Bar (135a James St, Northbridge) for underground sounds and décor which fuses Japanese kitsch, contemporary pop artists and urban bus seats to create an aesthetic of casual opulence. Geisha is unashamedly decadent and elitist, so expect to see ‘beautiful people’ strutting their stuff while trying to look nonchalant. You may not get in if you don’t fit Geisha’s target vibe – the club’s credo is “you can dress up or dress down... you need only dress right”. Open Fridays and Saturdays 11pm to 6am.

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