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life's a beach: sosua beach

best beach in dominican

Crystal clear waters and swaying coconut trees are just the beginning of this gem of a destination in the Dominican Republic.

Few places can compare to Sosua Beach. The sand is that golden perfect type that near everyone wants under their toes and there is also plenty of natural shade provided by the massive coconut trees above and like I said before, the water is so clear that it may rival the clarity of any other location on earth.  The snorkeling is effortless and I spotted fish many colors of the rainbow and even a few sea turtles every day I went out.  Kite and wind-surfing competitions are frequently held at nearby Cabarete Beach, but unless you are into those sports I found Sosua to be a much more picturesque location with far less hassle from the touts.

Let’s move on to dining:  The chicken rice and bean nature of the majority of Dominican dishes I tried were bland and didn’t really do anything for me.  I soon found myself desiring cheese of some sort.  Luckily, there is plenty of pizza, pastas, baguettes, and all the pub grub you can imagine at a smorgasbord of establishments that surround the beach.  My favorite was a simple and cheap yet extremely friendly place called Britannia, where the local beer, Brahma, is always ice-cold and delicious.

Now on to nightlife:  Choose it!  What are you into?  They have everything from quiet cocktail bar shacks on the beach to trendy nightclubs such as the open-all-night Club X and even a low-stakes casino.  There is a “red-light” feel to some of the nightlife, but it is easy enough to avoid and I’d imagine families are never approached (mine wasn’t).

Overall, Sosua is friendly enough once you get past the fact that people are going to try to sell you something around every corner, it is spectacularly beautiful, and a great value that I would recommend to anyone.

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