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Planning a trip to Berlin? Good idea. But you’ll only have 3 days to spend in the capital city of Germany. Unfortunately, because you can spend more days in Berlin without getting bored. We would recommend to spend at least 4 days. But if you have only 3 days to spend. Then you’ll need to make sure that every moment counts. When you have only 3 days, you can follow the planning below and explore as much as possible of the beautiful Berlin.

The best hotels in Berlin

Berlin is a big city and a lot to see; That’s why we would recommend to get a good hotel in the center of the city or close to a tram or trainstation. We’ve selected some interesting hotels in Berlin based on price, reviews and locaties. During our trip to Berlin, we’ve stayed in the Moxy hotel Berlin Ostbahnhof close to the trainstation. And ideal location to visit Berlin. Other alternatives hotels/appartments in Berlin are:

  • Hotel Moxy Berlin Ostbanhof

Get yourself a Berlin Welcome Card

This is actually a recommendation for everyone who’s going to visit Berlin. Once you arrive, get yourself the Berlin Welcome Card. You can buy a card that’s valid for different periods (48h, 72h, 4 days, 5 days and 6 days). This card has a lot of advantages during your stay in Berlin. You can use the public transportation (buses, trains and trams), get discount at 200 different places and you’ll get a free citymap and guide. And it’s family friendly. Children travel for free when they’re accommpanied by an adult.

Day 1 in Berlin

Start of in Alexanderplatz or “Alex” like it’s called by the locals. It’s a big public square and a central location to take the public transportation. The name references to the Russian Emperor Alexander I after he has visited Berlin in 1805.

After Alexanderplatz you take a walk in the direction of Unter den Linden. One the popular streets of Berlin that brings you to famous sights like the Berliner Dom and ultimately you’ll reach the Brandenburger tor.

Not far from the Brandenburger tor you’ll see the Reistag. Which is the German parliament, a beautiful building. Following the route you come across the Holocaust-Mahnmal, also known as the “Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas”.

Day 2 in Berlin

Today we’ll go back into history. The Berlin Wall is something you’ll really need to do when you’re in Berlin. It’s the remainder of the concrete barrier between West Berlin and East Berlin. The wall divided Berlin in 2 parts from 1961 until 1989. There was one point where you could get from West to East: Checkpoint Charlie. Now you’ll see a replica of what once was the real Checkpoint Charlie. the replica was installed in 2000.

Take some time and read texts in the open air museum. You’ll get a sense of what happened. You can get more information in the Berlin Wall Memorial. Continue your route and you’ll arrive at the Potsdamer Platz.

Day 3 in Berlin

It’s already our last day in Berlin. But we have still a lot to see. Start your day at the Airport Berlin-Tempelhof. It’s an airport that was closed in 2008. Now you’ll need to use the airports Tegel or Schönefeld. Now the airport / landingstrip is used as a city park.

From there you should take the metro to the KaDeWe, the most popular street/location to shop in Berlin. The KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens) is the biggest and most exclusive store in Berlin. It’s more than 60.000 square meters big and has 6 floors. Right outside the KaDeWe is the Gedächtniskirche. The church got damaged in World War II.

One extra day in Berlin? Visit Potsdam by bike

Since you now have visited Berlin in 3 days, perhaps you’ll have one extra day? If you have, we recommend to take to train and visit Potsdam. It’s a small city right outside Berlin. With the train it takes you only 30 minutes to get there. Rent a bike and visit this beautiful city also with a big history.

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