Day rooms / Day Use hotels in London – save up to 75%

Do you need to use a hotel room during the day? Day use hotels in London is getting more and more popular. Especially when you have a layover, need some extra time to recover from your trip or just in need of a fresh shower? Get your day room in London!

Where to book your day room in London?

As day use of hotels is getting more & more popular, there are different websites that offer such services. Hotels offer their available rooms to the following websites where you can book your day room.

Previously known as but rebranded in 2019 to It’s one of the first websites that offers day rooms.

Which hotels can you book for a day?

More & more hotels are offering their available rooms during the day. When they have unbooked rooms, they can get an extra bookings.

Some popular hotels that offer day rooms in London are:

  • Novotel London
  • Ibis London
  • Crown Plaza London
  • Holiday Inn London
  • Mercure London
  • Hilton London

Why hotels offer day rooms in London?

If you’re in need of some quite time, want to relax, take a shower while you’re traveling to London or having a meeting there. The best thing you can do is use a hotel for the day.

You can save up to 75 procent of the normal overnight rate, you can enjoy all of the hotel facilities (fitness, wellness, …) & room facilities like a good bed, desk & shower.

Book your day room without credit card

Another huge advantage by booking your day room hotel via is that you don’t need to pay up front. No credit card is required when you book. You just pay at the hotel. You can cancel your reservation at all times up to the day of your arrival.

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