Citytrip London: how many days needed?

Citytrip London: how many days needed?

One of the most popular citytrips for European citizens: a trip to London. The capital city of England is a must visit city. And deservedly. Because London has a lot to offer. But the question is: how many days/nights are needed to explore? A question that every traveler has asked.

Citytrip to London – How many days/nights needed?

It doesn’t matter how long you’re planning to visit London. You’re always going to have too little time to visit this lovely city. But the absolute minimum is 3 full days. That way you can enjoy and and taste the culture, atmosphere of this capital city.

We would recommend to prepare yourself for your trip to London. That way you can fully enjoy your stay.

Where is London located?

London is the biggest city of England and is located in south east of England.

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