Low cost parking in Brussels Airport (Zaventem)

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Are you going to travel by plane soon? Or should you rather bring / pick up someone? Anyway. You are looking for safe, fast and cheap parking at Zaventem airport? Cheap parking in Zaventem is not always easy. That is why we would like to give you some tips on how you can save on your parking at Zaventem airport from now on.

Cheap parking at the airport Compare & save

Do you want to park as cheaply as possible at Zaventem airport? Then you should certainly compare the different car parks. Or you can let this be done via Parkos. This website compares different car parks in the vicinity of the airport. Both the parking at the airport itself (within walking distance) and parking where you have to use a shuttle service. Fortunately, there are plenty of providers and different car parks, which means that you will be dropped off or dropped off in no time (and cheaply at the entrance to the airport).

Cheap parking in Zaventem – the best way

As mentioned before, comparing the different car parks is the best method to find a cheap car park. But it is also important to read the various reviews of the car parks themselves. This way you can benefit from experiences from other travelers. It also depends on your preferences and requirements.

Are you going on holiday and are you sure you have enough time to get to the parking at the airport? Or are you hurried earlier and usually arrive at the airport last minute? Know yourself and make sure you are in the parking lot on time.

In addition, not everyone who goes to Zaventem airport should stand on the parking lot for as long. This way you can also use the parking lot to pick someone up or drop off. This is different than when you take the plane and leave your car at the airport for a longer period of time. There is a different solution for every type of traveler.

Bring someone with the car

Do you only have to drop someone at the airport who is going on a journey? Then you can use the free drop-off zone. The travelers must then walk a 100m before entering the airport.

Do you want more time to say goodbye? Then choose P1, P2 or P3. These are the densest parking and ideal for short-term parking.

More information can be found on the website of Brusselsairport.

Cheap long-term parking in Zaventem

Are you going by plane yourself and do you take the car to get to the airport? Then we definitely recommend you to opt for a parking a bit further from the airport. Otherwise you pay too much to park your car.

Brusselsairport works together with Interparking where you can choose different affordable solutions. But actually we do not recommend choosing this yourself.

There are several providers such as Parkos where you can park your car cheaper and be brought to the airport by a shuttle bus.

What is the cheapest parking in Zaventem airport

What is the cheapest parking at Zaventem airport? That depends on how long you want to park your car. The cheapest is of course not to pay a parking fee and to have you taken to the airport.

Is not that an option? Compare the different car parks with each other to find the cheapest car park.

Alternatives for the Zaventem car park

Of course you also have some alternatives so you do not have to have parking in the airport of Zaventem. Not all alternatives are equally interesting. See for yourself what is most interesting for you.

  • Take the train to the airport
  • Go to the airport by bus
  • Let yourself be taken to the airport
  • Take a taxi to the airport

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