Is Brussels worth visiting?

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Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and also the capital city of Europe. In other words, Brussels is an important city for economical and cultural reasons. But is Brussels also worth a visit? Let’s find out below why you should or should not plan a trip to Brussels (Belgium).

Is Brussels worth a visit?

In short & in our opinion, yes! We definitely recommend planning a trip to Brussels. The capital city of Belgium has a lot to offer and it’s easy reachable by train or plane. So are you thinking about going to Brussels, definitely proceed with that thought and start planning right away!

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Why you should visit Brussels?

There are numbers of reasons why you should plan a trip to Brussels. Below we give you some reasons why it’s worth the trip:

Best Chocolate in the world – Ok, this isn’t only the case in Brussels, it’s rather Belgian chocolate that you should taste. It’s really the best there is.

Best Beer in the world – Once again, not only for Brussels, but Belgian beer is considered one of the bests of the world. So definitely have a drink while you’re in Brussels / Belgium.

The World Famous Manneke Pis – On of the most famous statues of Brussels is a small pissing man. He’s called “Manneke Pis” (translated – Pissing man).

Atomium – A special construction at the Heizelpark. You can compare it with the Eiffel tower in Paris. It’s looks pretty cool and one of Brussels most recognizable landmark.

Tour around Europe in a few hours – In Brussels you can visit Mini Europe. You can find the most famous cities and statues from Europe.

Wander around in the Botanical garden – Need some quite time or want to rest? Go and explore the Brussels Botanical Garden. Great to relax and free up your mind.

Must do’s when you’re in Brussels

When you’re traveling to Brussels, we recommend also visiting some cities outside Brussels. As Belgium isn’t that big, traveling to other great cities is rather easy and recommended. The best way to travel in Belgium is by train. It takes less than 1h by train to visit the following cities:

  • Bruges (1h by train)
  • Antwerp
  • Ghent
  • Ostend

Best time to visit Brussels

I hope i’ve convinced you to travel to Brussels. If so, then it’s worth knowing what the best time is to visit Brussels. We recommend going to Brussels between May & September. That’s the best time of the year, with great temperature and the least chance of rain.

Conclusion – Is Brussels worth it?

In our opinion we recommend planning a visit to Brussels! But don’t only stay in Brussels. Free up some extra time to visit Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent while you’re there. These Belgian cities have also a lot to offer. It will be worth the trip while you’re in Brussels.

More tips to visit Brussels?

If you want more tips to visit Brussels? Find out all the information and tips you need to plan and enjoy Brussels to the fullest.

  • Where to stay?
  • How long do you need?
  • Best time to visit Brussels
  • and much more…

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