How to get from Brussels to Bruges? | The best ways

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Bruges is a lovely city and a must visit when you’re in Belgium or one of the neighboring countries like Germany, France or the Netherlands. Most tourists only visit Bruges for 1 day (which is certainly doable), as Bruges is only a small city with a big history. But you have different possibilities getting to Bruges. Below, we’ve listed the best ways to get from Brussels to Bruges.

Spoiler: take the train!

How to get from Brussels to Bruges

First question and the main question, how to get from Brussels to Bruges. Or what are the alternatives from going to Bruges? Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and has 2 airports. Belgium has actually only 3 airports:

  • The main airport: Brussels Airport Zaventem
  • Secondary (and much smaller) airport: Brussels Airport South Charleroi
  • Very small airport: Oostend

Flying over to Belgium, you’ll probably going to land on Brussels Airport Zaventem or Brussels Airport South Charleroi.

For the best possibilities, Brussels Airport Zaventem is thé best airport of Belgium. Trains and busses stop right at the airport.

Take the train from Brussels to Bruges

Belgium has only 1 train company who serves the trainlines (NMBS or translated to French SNCB). So you can only buy 1 type of trainticket which you can use on all trains. The train from Brussels to Bruges takes you about 1h – 1h15 min and will cost around 29,60 euro (on weekdays) and 15,80 euro during the weekends.

Some tips if you take the train

  • The prices of the traintickets are the same online as in the trainstation. But keep in mind that in the trainstation you might have to wait in the queue.
  • Make sure you have bought your ticket before boarding the train
  • It’s cheaper taking the train over the weekends then during the workweek.
  • Make sure you take an IC train (which will only serve the main trainstation along the route).

Stopover in Ghent

One of the main trainstation along the way is Ghent. A lovely city which is also worth visiting. If you planning a stopover in Ghent, make sure you buy the right trainticket. If you have a trainticket: Brussels – Bruges, you can’t do a stopover. You’ll need to buy a trainticket Brussel – Bruges via Ghent.

In our opinion, taking the train is the best way for visiting Bruges.

Take the bus from Brussels to Bruges

The second best option is taking the bus to Bruges. There are some companies you can use. Belgium has different bus companies. So make sure you take the right ticket.

  • Bus/tram company for Flanders: De Lijn
  • Bus/tram/metro company for Brussels: MIVB

Than you have some private bus companies who only have some specific routes like:

  • Flixbus

The best way going from Brussels to Bruges with the bus is via Flixbus. It’s the cheapest and direct busline from the Belgian capital city to the lovely Bruges.

Take a taxi

A third option you have is taking a taxi. A taxi, depending of the pickup point and your destionation will take a minimum of 1h. But traffic can be hard in Belgium, especially in the Brussels region. So make sure you have enough time.

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