Where to stay in Bruges (Belgium)?

Where to stay in Bruges? A frequently asked question from those who are planning a trip to Bruges. Bruges is definitely worth a visit. Even UNESCO recognised the value and world heritage of the beautiful Bruges. Find out how many day’s you’ll need to spend in this lovely city. Another important question is where’s the best area of place to stay in Bruges. In this article we’ll give you enough insights & tips on how to get the maximum out of your trip to Bruges. Ready!

Where to stay in Bruges – the city centre

As you might know, Bruges isn’t a big city. The city centre can be divided into different areas where you can stay. Even right outside the city centre you can have a great place to stay.

Top 10 hotels to day in Bruges

These are our top 10 hotels to stay in Bruges. You’ll definitely love these hotels.

Best area to stay in Bruges

There are actually no bad areas to stay in the lovely Bruges. But one thing we recommend to avoid (when your planning a weekend (from Thursday to Sunday) in Bruges are the following spots:

  • Eiermarkt
  • ‘t Zand

These are famous area for young people to go out and party. You might encounter some noice or drunk people during the weekends.



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