Bruges: how many days/night needed?

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When you’re planning a trip to Bruges, you probably want to know how many days you need to visit Bruges. Bruges, aka “the Venice of the North” (the same nickname Amsterdam sometimes gets). Bruges is one of the popular cities of Belgium and it’s definitely worth a visit! The medieval history in the city center, especially by night is a must see for every traveler. Find out below how many days/nights you need to visit Bruges.

Bruges – How many days/nights needed?

Bruges isn’t a very big city however, there are plenty of things to do and interesting places to see. We would recommend to spend at least 2 full days in Bruges to explore the city center. And if you have some extra spare time, we can also recommend some (day)trips nearby Bruges (see below).

How long to stay in Bruges?

One of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself, before you’re traveling to Bruges, is how long you’ll need to stay in Bruges. Bruges isn’t that big. So it will be sufficient to spend 2 full days in the center of Bruges.

Don’t forget the “Discover Bruges Card”

In specific hotels in Bruges you’ll receive the Discover Bruges Card. Your free discount card to visit Bruges gives your discounts and other advantages in many attractions and shops throughout the city center.

Getting Around in Bruges

As Bruges isn’t a big city, getting around in the city center is mostly doable by foot. If you have limited time we recommend renting a bicycle so you can explore Bruges in a higher pace.

Visit Bruges in 1 day

Can you visit Bruges in a day? Yes, it’s doable to visit Bruges in one day. Bruges is a small city and all the highlights and must-sees are close to each other. You can easily travel through Bruges by foot. But if you only have one day to spend in lovely Bruges, we recommend to rent a bicycle to discover the picturesque city center.

Tips to visit Bruges in one day

Arrive early – Planning a 1 day trip to Bruges? Make sure that you arrive early in the city at 9:00AM (CEST – Belgium time). Most musea, stores, .. are opening between 9:30 and 10:00 AM. Bruges can sometimes be very crowdy with tourists. If you want to avoid that, come and start your trip in Bruges early! 
TIP: there are some great places in Bruges that serve excellent breakfeast.

Don’t miss the Belfry (Belfort) of Bruges – The first stop in Bruges should be the Belfry (Belfort) of Bruges. It’s the most important tower of Bruges and is 83 meters high. It takes you 366 steps to climb the Belfry. But once you’re at the top, you have a breathtaking view over Bruges. Once you’re back on the Market Square (right in front of the Belfry, watch the tower and try to notice how crooked the tower is.

Horse-drawn Carriage – The Belfry is located at the Market Square in the heart of Bruges. There you take the Horse-drawn Carriage. It’s a half-hour ride along the historic city center while the coachman give your information of the things you see along the route.

Rent a bike – After the Horse Drawn Carriage, you’ll better get a bike to discover the rest of Bruges. As you only have one day, you can explore more of the city.

Next to the Horse-drawn Carriage, you can also take a boat tour. The tour takes you to the most beautiful places of Bruges so you can see them from a different angle.

Visit Bruges in 2 days

We would recommend to spend at least 2 full days in Bruges. You’ll have more time see what Bruges really has to offer. By spending the night in Bruges, you can discover Bruges by night! A must see!

Don’t forget your travel guide when visiting Bruges

Combine a trip to Bruges with Brussels, Ghent or Antwerp

Are you planning a trip to Bruges? A great idea! But it’s also a good idea to visit some extra cities as well. Belgium is a small country in Europe but has some great cities to offer. Like Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent. But also in the neighboring countries you can easily visit a city. Like: Paris, London and Amsterdam.

What’s the best period to visit Bruges?

Bruges is one of those cities that attracts tourist throughout the year. Bruges has a lot to offer at every time of the year. But in our opinion we wouldn’t suggest to visit Bruges in October and November. Those are the most rainy months. The best period is the summer. Ideal to explore the city center on your own pace.

A lot of people only come to Bruges for just one day. If you only have 1 day to visit Bruges, don’t worry. You’ll be able to get a good glance of what the city has to offer. But a minimum stay of 2 nights is recommended.

Where is Bruges located?

Bruges is the main capital of the province West-Flandres in Belgium. It’s located on about 100km of the capital city Brussels and at 20km of the sea.

How to get to Bruges (Belgium)

For all foreign tourists, we would recommend to go to Bruges by train. The Belgian railways are good and from the capital city Brussels, you’l need approximately 1h to reach Bruges.

One tip: the Belgian railways aren’t very punctual. So keep in mind that it could take some extra minutes to reach your destination. Certainly when you have a transfer on another train or plane.

Must read – How to get from Brussels to Bruges?

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