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Sydney is one of the most popular cities when you’re travelling to Australia. It’s also an important domestic destination in the country. Let’s find out how to get from Sydney Airport to city center.

There is only one real airport in Sydney: Kingsford Smith International Airport. Both domestic and international flights land here.

How to get from Sydney Airport to the city

There are different ways to get from Sydney Airport to the city center. You can choice between train, bus or private shuttle buses.

Sydney Airport to city by train

Trains travel to and from Sydney Domestic Airport & Sydney International Airport between 5am & midnight. Every single day (even during the weekends). The train takes in in 15 minutes from the airport to the center of Sydney.

Take the Sydney Airport Link train. It takes you from Sydney International airport to the city center

Use the Sydney OPAL card to travel cheaper. With this card you can use the buses and trains in Sydney.

Sydney Airport to city by Uber

The Uber service is popular in Australia and mostly in the biggest cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. Definitely check out the prices as it can be a cheap way to travel around in Sydney.

Sydney airport to city the cheapest way

We all love cheap ways to get from point A to point B. Especially when you’re traveling or backing (as Sydney is one of the ulitmate backpack starting / endpoint to backpack through Australia.

The cheapest way to get from Sydney Airport to the city center is the combination OPAL Card & Sydney Airport Link.

Sydney OPAL card

The Sydney OPAL card is a necessity when you’re spending some time in Sydney. You can use it to buy cheaper tickets for public transportation. It comes in very handy when you need to get van Sydney Airport to the city center and also if you want to travel through Sydney. You can even use it to get to Bondi beach!

Get the OPAL card here

Sydney airport to city – Uber or taxi?

Thinking about getting an Uber or a taxi to go from Sydney Airport to the city center? What’s the cheapest and most convenient in Sydney?

The UBER services are available in Sydney and very popular. Via the handy UBER app, you schedule your pickup time, type of car and pickup point. The Uber drivers takes you to your requested endpoint / destination.

Which is cheaper? Uber or Taxi?

Uber came as a service to be cheaper then a regular taxi. And they still manage to be cheaper. But a taxi can be handy at some times.

Uber costs – these are estimates

Starting point End point Starting at
Sydney Airport Hyde Park $34
Sydney Airport Bondi Beach $37
Sydney Airport Opera House $37
Sydney Airport North Sydney $42

Distance between Sydney Airport & city

The Sydney Airport is located 6 miles / 9,9km from the city enter. Taking the train or uber takes approximately 30 minutes.

Sydney Airport accommodations

Looking for a place to stay at the Sydney Airport? There are some accommodations where you sleep and recover from your flight or rest before taking your flight.

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