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best-destionations-australia-sydneyThe most iconic city of Australia must be Sydney. It’s the biggest city of Australia anyway. Sydney is located in East-Australia and one of the must things to do when you’re traveling through Australia. You won’t regret it. Below you’ll find everything you’ll need to visit Sydney. The best travel guide of Sydney (Australia).

What can you expect when traveling to Sydney

  • The Ultimate Travel Guide for Sydney
  • Things to do in Sydney
  • Best time to visit Sydney
  • Where to stay in Sydney
  • Tips from locals

Are you ready to discover Sydney and everything this lovely city has to offer?

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Sydney

Many people think Sydney is the capital of Australia. But they are wrong. Canberra is the capital city. However, Sydney is the most known and most iconic city of Australia. It’s famous due to the Sydney Opera House, The Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach.

So you’re planning to visit Sydney. Good idea! Because we love this place.

Getting to Sydney

Chances are that you’re taking an airplane to go to Australia. And you’ll probably going to land in Sydney or end your Austrlian roadtrip in Sydney.

Sydney Airport

Sydney has actually 1 airport which is divided in 2. You have the domestic airport (of all flights to other places in Australia like Adelaide, Alice Springs, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth, …

And you have an International Airport when you’re coming overseas from or to Australia.

For both airports you have the same possibilites to get to Sydney city center.

  • By train: We would recommend you going to train and take the Aiport Link. It’s a special trainconnection from Sydney Airport to Sydney City Center. The train takes about 13 minutes.
  • By Uber: Uber is quite popular in Australia and especially in the big cities like Sydney. Download the Uber app, connect your Visa or MasterCard and you’re good to go.

Things to do in Sydney

Great you’re now in Sydney! Let’s find out what you can do. The center of Sydney, the CBD (Central Business District) has mostly large office buildings. But in between you can find some lovely places and things to do. Here are some highlights you should definitely plan to see:

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Harbour Bridge
  • Bondi Beach
  • Coastal Walk
  • Blue Mountains
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Hyde Park

Need more? Find out “What to do in Sydney” our recommendations.

Best time to visit Sydney

You might know or might not. But Australia has different seasons then in Europe & United States.

Spring: from september to November
Summer: from December to February
Autumn: from March to May
Winter: from June to August

You can visit Sydney any time of the year. But if it’s possible (depending on your other travel plans in Australia) we recommend stopping in Sydney between September & November (during Spring season).

Where to stay in Sydney

In a metrole like Sydney you have a lot possible hotels, hostels, … to spend the night. But we have some recommendations of places that are an excellent fit or your stay in Sydney.

Tips from locals

The locals are our favourite part of traveling. In every destinations they are different, have their own habits and culture. That’s why it’s so fun (and interesting) in asking for local tips to visit Sydney.

Check our our amazing beaches

Australia has a lot of beaches. That’s not that impressive if you think Australia is actually an island. But what’s remarkable is the beauty of their beaches.

Bondi beach is probably the most famous beach in the world. It’s an excellent place to surf or learn to surf.

Need more travel tips for Sydney?

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