10 Reasons to visit Australia – What’s you’re excuse?

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There’s no doubt that Australia is one of the most fascinating countries in the world and probably the best country for travelers. There’s a lot to do, see, experience and taste in the land of the Aussies. Amazing beaches, unique wildlife, great possibilities for adventures, … There is actually nothing you can’t when you’re in Australia. Which is already reason number 1 to visit Australia. If you haven’t been to Australia, you should owe it to yourself to make at least one trip to this great country.

Looking for some idea’s to travel to Australia? Here’s the perfect 4 weeks itinerary in Australia!

Here are some other reasons why you should book a trip Down Under

The Aussies

Let’s start with the biggest difference with the people from Europe, America or from any other region in the world. The Aussies are very open and friendly people with an interesting laid-back lifestyle. The cultural diversity of the locals makes Australia a great place to stay (We actually thought about it).

Metropolitan cities like Sydney & Melbourne

There are some big metropolitan cities which are definitely worth a visit like Sydney & Melbourne.

Adventure all the way in Australia

It doesn’t matter where you go in Australia. In every region you can experience some great adventure. It’s actually more like a paradise for those who seek adventure. From sandboarding, offroad quad riding, bridge climbing, snorkeling, jungle surfing, .. You name is and it’s possible in Australia.

Unique wildlife

There is a lot of wildlife in Australia and a lot of unique wildlife you’ll only find there. From Kangaroos to Koala’s, Crocodiles, Snakes, Lizards, Spiders and much more. You should definitely not be afraid when you go to Australia. But in some parts of the country you should be cautious.

Barbries all the way

The Aussies call a barbecue a barby. Throwing a bbq is in the nature of the Aussies. Throughout Australia you can find public barbecues which you can use completely free. The ideal way to have diner while enjoying the Aussie way of life.

Unique nature

There are different climates in Australia. From a moderate climate to a tropical climate. This means that there are different vegetation and some great natural phenomenons. Thinking about the awesome waterfalls, the Outback, …
But perhaps the most impressive is located at Cape Tribulation. That’s the spot where the rainforest meets the Great Barrief Reef. It’s the only place in the world where 2 world heritage meet each other.
Plus the rainforest, Daintree, is the oldest rainforest in the world. Even older than the Amazon rainforest.

Breathtaking coast views

You know Australia is an island, right? This means they have coasts all around Australia. Coast worth a visit. But there actually too much to do.
Some coasts you should definitely see are:

  • The Great Ocean Road
  • Sydney’s coastal walk (from Bondi beach to Coogee beach)
  • Kangaroo Island

The Great Barrier Reef

Australia is worth a visit only for the Great Barrier Reef itself. It should be on your trip when you visit Australia. Some magic happened and is still happening right under the surface. You should definitely go for a swim and snorkel to see it.

Beaches, beaches and more beaches

You can find some of the world most beautiful beaches in Australia. With more than 11.000 beaches and a coastline of more than 35.000km you have plenty of beaches to choose from.
Some of the best beaches are:

  • Whitsunday Islands
  • Fraser Island

The wine

Australia is perhaps not the first country you think about if you thinkg about wine. You’ll probably think about the Spanish, French or Italian wines first. But Australia has also some great wine regions. If you’re a wine lover, you can certainly enjoy some daytrops to the local wine yards.

These are only a few of the reasons why you should go to Australia. Actually we could add a reason every single day of the year. The country is just so impressive and worth a visit. So convised? What’s the most important reason(s) that you’re going to visit Australia?

In short: reasons to visit Australia?

  • The Aussies
  • Metropolitan cities like Sydney & Melbourne
  • Adventure all the way in Australia
  • Unique Wildlife
  • Barbies all the way
  • Unique nature
  • Breathtaking coast views
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Beaches, beaches and more beaches
  • The wine

Before you go to Australia, take a quick look at the things you’ll need to bring to Australia.

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