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Ultimate packing list for Australia

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Thinking about traveling to Australia? Making a roadtrip and seeing one of the most beautiful countries in the world? We would like to join you. However, packing your stuff and bringing the right things to Australia is very important. You don’t want to be overpacked or missing some important elements.

Below you’ll find our ultimate packing list when you’re about to travel to Australia. We won’t be listing how many trousers or sweaters you should bring.

But we’ve listed the must pack things, so you’ll know what you’ll need when you’re going Down Under. Ready?

What to bring to Australia? The essentials

There are some essentials things you should bring to Australia. Things you’ll need to enter the country or things you’ll need so you’re allowed to travel there.

Make sure you start preparing you’re trip a couple of months before going. So you have enough time to request or find the right elements.

Arrange your Visa

You’re visa for Australia is an essential element. Without it, you’re just not allowed in the country. So make sure you request the right one for your trip.

You should know there are differente types of an Australian visa. Depending of the length of your trip and the purpose (just traveling / for work / for students / …)

Depending of the type and duration, the price will be different.

Use this Visa Price Estimator for the Australian government to calculate the correct price of your visa.

Don’t forget your International PassPort

Next to a visa, you’re international passport is also essential. You’ll need it a the airport, to pick-up your camper or you’re rented car.

So don’t forget requesting you’re International Passport with your government.

Travel power adapter / power plug

While traveling, you’re probably will be using some electronic devices. Think about your smartphone, laptop, camera, …

Their battery won’t last forever, so you’ll need to charge them.

Note that Australian power plugs & sockets are of type I. And most other countries are using different power plugs.

So a travel adapter / power plug is an essential thing to bring to Australia.

Recommended things to bring to Australia

The list above contains the essentials when you want to go to Australia. However, we have also some things we really really recommend packing.

Travel insurance

While you’re traveling a lot of things might happen. Falling sick, breaking your leg, … But something might happen to the people at home.

So a great travel insurance isn’t luxurious, it’s something we recommend.

A good travel insurance should cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Repatriation
  • Luggage insurance
  • Cancelation insurance
  • Be legit when you travel to Australia (obvious :-))

Trail shoes – forget your hiking shoes

Chances are really big that you’ll do a lot of walking in Australia. So we can only recommend getting a good pair of shoes.

Before running of to your local shoe-store or online shoe-store, read our recommendations below.

Breathable trail shoes are the must when you’re traveling to Australia.

Benefits of trailshoes:

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Grip / tractions
  • Dry fast

You’ll benefit from all the advantages above when you’re traveling through Australia. Trust me!

Camera equipment

Bringing a camera to Australia should obvious right? Having the time of your life, the most amazing holiday ever. So you want to capture those moments on photo or video.

You’re must bring camera equipments exist of:

  • Camera
  • Storage
  • Backup process
  • Batteries

Travel guides

It’s handy to bring a travel guide for Australia. It’s guides you to the must see places of Australia like Sydney, The Uluru, Great Barrier Reef, The Great Ocean Road, Kangaroo Island, …


Traveling is fun! But in order to see Australia, you’ll have to take a long flight of at least of couple of hours and for some countries even almost a day. And even in Australia, getting from point A to point B might take you a couple of hours.

So a little entertainment for the long flight or when you travel through Australia would come in handy.

What to bring?

The following are only suggestions. Check out what’s possible for you depending on the other stuff you’ll bring.

Books – If you like reading, a couple of books would be just great for you. But we’d recommend to read on an e-reader in Australia. This way you don’t need to carry around the heavy books.

Offline music – Do you have Spotify premium? Download your favourite or a special Australia playlist offline to your smartphone. The cellular connection isn’t that reliable in specific regions of Australia.

Movies & series? – That’s also a great way to kill the hours you’re traveling.

Travel board games – Going to Australia with your friend, partner of with a couple of friends? 1 or 2 travel games are an excellent way to kill the time.

TIP: if you’re staying in hostels, chances are big that they have some board games available.

Packing for Australia? Travel light

When you’re doing a roadtrip through Australia, we recommend traveling as light as possible. The more you’ll pack, the more you’ll need to carry.

Also keep in mind that you have a limited weight allowance by the airline companies.

If you’re planning some camping safari or guided tour, there are probably some luggage limitations as well.

Luggage: what type of bag

What’s the best bag when you’re traveling to Australi? The answer is: It depends.

  • Depends what type of holiday you’re going to have
  • Huw much luggage you’ll bring
  • With how many people you’ll be traveling

What we would recommend

We recommend the combination of the following 2 bags:

Thule Chasm
One awesome bags are the Thule Chasm bags. A duffel bag that you can wear in different positions like a backpack or over your shoulder.
Another benefit is that the Thule Chasm is a soft bag. Those are recommended when you’re traveling off road (like in the Red Center).

Breathable day backpack with camelbak
Due to the sometimes warm (tropical) weatherconditions a camelbak is recommended. Pick a ventilated day backpack which room for a waterbladder. This way you won’t sweat more than needed on your back and can benefit the more water you can easily carry.

What to wear in Australia?

If you go to the Red Center (Alice Springs – Uluru), the Top End (Darwin – Kakadu NP), Tropical North (Cairns – Cape Tribulations – Great Barrier Reef), it might get tropical (hot and humid).

So we would recommend the following type of clothes:

  • Trail shoes: Lightweight, great grip and dries quickly.
  • Hat – It’s an essential element that should be in your luggage.
  • Cotton clothes – especially in the tropical regions, cotton clothes are recommended!

Packing for Australia – extra tips

Some extra tips when you’re going to Australia related to your luggage or packing your stuff.

Traveling with 2? Combine your luggage – When you’re traveling with 2 people it’s recommended to spread your clothes. If luggage gets lost, you’ll only have lost the half of each luggage.

Choose reusable vacuum bags – Did you know luggage contains a lot of air? Wasted space if you ask us. Especially when you want to travel light and stack your things in an efficient way. Using reusable vacuum bags. The ones you can vacuum without a vacuum cleaner, are the best. Even in the middle of nowhere you can vacuum you’re clothes.

Pick travel towels – Want to pack as light as possible? Forget your “normal” towels you’re using at home. But go for travel towels. They are lighter, dry faster and don’t take that much space.

Apps on your smartphone

It’s 2020, who’s traveling without his/her smartphone? No one is. Luckily for you, you can benefit from some great apps so you can worry less. Download these apps and enjoy everything from Australia.

Google Maps – Offline regions: Did you know you can download multiple regions offline to your smartphone? You’ll never get lost. Download all the regions you’re going to.

Google Translate – In Australia they speak English. Great! But some people English isn’t their best language

Waze – Going to drive yourself in Australia? With a camper/rv or a car? Waze might be the good fit for you. You get free driving directions, traffic updates. However, you’ll need an active cellular internet connection.

Fuel map – Driving yourself with a camper or car? Then you also need about refuelling. Thanks to fuel map, you’ll find the cheapest tankstation while traveling through Australia.

What not to pack for Australia

Did you know some things just aren’t allow to take with you to Australia? Specific types of food just aren’t allowed to enter Australia.

Declare your food

You can certainly bring different types of food to Australia. But certainly not everything. Traveling to Australia? Don’t forget to declare your food items on the Incoming Passenger Cards (you’ll receive them on the airplane).

Luckily for you there is a full list of things you can or can’t bring to Australia. Find out the list via this link.

Forgotten something? No worries

Did you forget to pack something? Did you forget your swimwear or spare batteries for you camera? No worries!

There are a lot of stores in Australia where you can buy things. Especially in the bigger cities like Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Cairns, …

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