Is Cairns worth visiting?

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Let’s be honest here. When you’re planning a trip throughout Australia, you’ll need to make some decision which parts of Australia you’ll see and which parts you don’t. It’s sometimes a hard decision and you’ll need to rely on feedback of others. We’ll try to help you make the decision when you’re thinking about skipping Cairns or the region of Cairns. So if you’re thinking: Is Cairns worth visiting? Please continue reading and make you’re decision after wards.

Is Cairns worth it?

In our honest opinion we would say yes, Cairns is worth visiting! Please plan your trip, or ask your travel agent, and include a stop of a couple of days or maybe a week in Cairns and certainly the region of Cairns.

There is so much going on at the North East Coast of Queensland Australia. Especially during the dry season.

Cairns is very popular with tourist and we must say, we would have liked spending a couple extra days in Cairns. But we also have to admin. Every trip to Australia is to short, each time again.

Tip: How many days do you need in Cairns?

Why you should visiting Cairns?

There are a couple of reasons why you should visit Cairns. Why Cairns is certainly worth a visit when you’re traveling to and through Australia.

  • Esplanada
    That’s actually the focus of the city with a lot of things to do like swimming, nice restaurants & bars, barbie-facilities, Esplanada Lagoon – free public pool
  • Some great parcs

Cairns is just a lovely city and should be your starting point to visit other highlights of Australia (see below).

Must visit’s in the Cairns Region

While visiting Cairns, you have best starting point to visit some other excellent highlights like:

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Kuranda – more than just a village in the rainforest
  • Port Douglas – idyllic harbor town
  • Mossman Gorge
  • Cape Tribulation / de Daintree
  • Granite Gorge

Why you shouldn’t visit Cairns?

There might also be some reasons why you should be visiting Cairns. But actually there aren’t a lot of reasons.

  • Don’t visit Cairns during the rain season
    If you’re planning your trip to Australia/Cairns, please make sure you can travel throughout the country with the best weather predictions. Make sure you take the different seasons and climates into account.
    Cairns has a tropical climate and experiences hot and humid summers and mild, dry winters. So the best time to go to Cairns is during Spring & Autumn.

Conclusion: Is Cairns worth visiting?

It’s an absolute yes! Cairns is really worth the visit when you’re in Australia. Spend at least 1 or 2 days in Cairns city center and take some extra time to visit the other highlights around Cairns.

The best way to do so, is by renting a car and doing it at your own pace.

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