Best time to visit Australia (including Sydney, Melbourne & more)

We won’t need to tell you that Australia is a big country. So you know you’ll need some time (a lot of time) to visit Australia and discover all it’s beauty? How many days needed? You can read this here). A question you’ll probably have, when you planning you’re trip to Australia: “What’s the best time to visit Australia” and some specific regions.

Down under – different season

First you need to know that in Australia they have different seasons that we know in Europe.

  • Spring: from September to November
  • Summer: from December to February
  • Autumn: from March to May
  • Winter: from June to August

So you’ll need to think about this when you’re planning you’re trip to Australia.

A fun part about their seasons is that you can celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve at the beach in your bikini / swimshort).

Different climates throughout Australia

Because Australia is big, almost the same size as Europe, you can imagine that there are different climates there. Depending of the region you want to visit, there are also different “best times to visit to”. The follow climate zones are applicable in Australia:

  • Temperate: Sydney – Melbourne – Adelaide
  • Dessert: Alice Springs
  • Subtropical: Perth – Brisbane
  • Tropical: Darwin – Cairns

So each zone has it’s own best time to visit.

Best time to visit Australia

In general you can say the best time to visit Australia is from september to november. That’s during Spring in Australia and you can enjoy the most pleasant temperatures / weather predictions). It’s not too hot, not too cold but also the least chance for rain.

Best time to visit Sydney

Planning to stop in Sydney while you’re visiting Australia? Then we recommend to visit this metropolis between September and November & between March and May. During these months the temperatures are the most pleasant.





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