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Australia is one of those destinations that’s on many people’s bucket list. The country has a lot to offer and you’ll need some weeks / months or you’ll need to visit Australia a couple of times before you can see it all. So before you get overwhelmed with things you can do, we’re going to give you some of the best travel ideas to visit Australia.

It’s best to make your decisions before you go to Australia. Otherwise you’ll want to do something, but it’s sold out, or it’s hard to make a choice. So the best way is to get enough travel ideas of what you can do and plan your trip ahead.

Below you can find some great travel ideas to visit each part of Australia. We’ve also added some recommendations things to do.

As a reference, Australia is approximately the same size as Europe. You can’t see everything in Europe in only a few weeks. Once you’ve been to Australia, you’re most likely going to plan another trip someday. Australia is so beautiful and worth the trip down under.

The most expensive part of your holiday to Australia is probably the flight tickets to get there. Once you’re in Australia, the prices aren’t much different then in Europe. So here we go. Ready to fall (even more) in love with Australia?

Travel ideas Sydney

  • Opera house
  • Sydney Harbour Brigde
  • Bondi Beach (coastal walk to Cogee beach)
  • Take the ferry in the Sydney Harbour

Travel ideas outback Australia

In the center of Australia you can find Alice Springs. It’s a small city and the only one you’ll find around. Alice Springs hasn’t much to offer. But it’s the base to start of your trip to the outback of Australia.

  • : 4Way
  • Wayoutback: 4 day campingtrip: Uluru – Kings canyon – Olga’s – McDonald’s Rangers

Travel ideas Top End Australia

In the top end you’ll find Darwin. It’s bigger than Alice Springs but also the base to see the wetlands – Katherine – Kakadu NP – Litchfield NP.

  • Wayoutback 5 day camping trip


Our trip in Australia

During our trip to Australia we’ve tried to do as much as possible. So below you can see what we’ve done and also some other possiblities.


We’ve started our Australian adventure in Sydney. We didn’t plan this trip ahead and tried to get as much out of it as possible. We had only 3 days to spend in Sydney:

  • Botanical garden
  • Opera House
  • Hyde park
  • Coastal walk: Bondi beach to Cogee beach
  • Indoor shopping
  • China town
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

Extra things you can do and should if you have the time and money:

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge climb
  • Blue Mountains
  • Take the ferry
  • Attend a concert at the opera house

Adelaide – Kangaroo island

After Sydney we flew over to Adelaide. This city still remains unknown for many people but it’s a nice city to spend some time. Great museums and a botanical garden. Adelaide was our base to visit Kangaroo Island. A 2 day tour with Groovy Grapes. Our guide Jerry knew everythings of that awesome island. We did some see some great landscapes, saw a lot of koala’s.

In the Kangaroo island sahara, we did some sandboarding. We would recommend to have a try!

We also did a quad ride at (fill in) with Sofia (our great host). A recommended activity when you’re in Kangaroo Island. We saw some big make Kangaroo’s. Thanks to the quad you can visit place you can’t reach with your car or bus.

The outback

You haven’t seen Australia, if you haven’t visited the outback. Alice Springs, the only city in the center of Australia was our next destinations for only 1 night. Early in the morning we got picked up by Wayoutback for a 4 day campingtrip in the outback.

Some highlights from that trip are:

  • Uluru (Ayers rock) (included sunset and sunrise)
  • Kings Canyon
  • The olga’s
  • Mcdonald rangers

Make sure you can carry enough water (we would recommend in an insulated waterbottle to keep fresh) and some trailing shoes.

Top end

After our excursion in the outback we flew over to Darwin. From here we started again a campingtrip with Wayoutback into the tropical north. You can do this part on your own but we would again recommend to go out there with a guided tour. You get much more information about the wetlands, nature, dangerous salties (crocodiles). See some great waterfalls and the best places to get a swim.

You’ll need the swin in the tropical north because of the humidity.

Get on the Yellow Water Cruise and learn about the crocodiles, trees, birds, … Our guide Reuben di dan excellent job.

If you can, get a canoe in Katherine and start paddling, you’ll see the best views you have ever seen!


To finish of our great and awesome trip in Australia, we flew over to Cairns. Here we’ve rented a car for 8 days and visited Cape Tribulations, Daintree, Portdouglas and The Great Barrier Reef on our one pace.

Australia, you were / are amazing

Australia isn’t much like other Europeon countries. Due to it’s size there are some many things to see, to do and to experience. Since our arrival we’ve been a big fan of this country.

People are very social and always ask how you’re doing. Be polite, reply and ask the same question.

What other travel ideas for Australia

We’ve decided to take the plane to travel from city to city. But you can also rent a car and do it on your own pace.

Things we didn’t do but wanted to do:

  • The Great ocean Road
  • Melbourne
  • West Australia
  • More of the east coast
  • Backpacking
  • Rent a camper and drive from Sydney to Cairns (or Brisbane to Cairns) or something in between.

I hope you now have some ideas of what you can do in Australia. There’s only one thing you should regret and that’s not traveling to Australia at all!

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