ULTIMATE Australia Travel Guide / Blog 2021

Your Roadtrip Australia starts here

1. Sydney

The most iconic scene of Australia! Sydney's opera house. One of the must do's when you're traveling to Australia.

2. Great Barrier Reef

Located North-East of Australia you'll find world's biggest coral reef. A must experience when you're Down Under!

3. Top End

4. Red Center

5. Kangaroo Island

A holiday or roadtrip through Australia is for a lot of people a dream come true. Falling in love on the Australian lifestyle, climate, beautiful nature and everything in between. There are numerous reasons why you should plan your roadtrip through Australia. And below we’ll guide you. Thanks to our Australia Travel Guide, you’ll get the best tips to visit Australia. Ready?

What can you expect?

Our Ultimate Australia Travel Guide
Things to do in Australia
Best time to visit Australia
See Australia in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks?
Most popular places in Australia
Hidden gems in Australia
Tips from Locals
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So there is a lot to discover. Ready? Scroll down and enjoy!
Ultimate Travel Guide to Australia
First thing you need to know is the size of Australia. It’s huge. You can compare Australia with the size of Europe. So keep that in mind when you think about seeing the whole country in once.

If you want to see everything, you’ll need some weeks / months. Or you’ll need to come back and see the other parts of Australia.
Things to do in Australia
As Australia is a big country, there are a lot of things to do. Below you can find a short list of must do’s in Australia. But we’ve also created a list with great things you might want to consider.

Stopping over in Sydney
Chances are that you will visit Sydney. If it’s not on your list, put it on it. It’s a must to see Sydney and the iconic Opera House.
When we saw this awesome building, we got a little emotional. We’re really in Australia. Awesome!
Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is an unique world wonder. It’s the world’s largest coral reef stretching over 2.300 km or 1430 miles. While snorkeling you might swim together with a turtle or colourful fishes. An awesome experience.
Sleeping in a swag in the outback
The red center, also known as the Outback, has only some highlights. But they are just awesome. Seeing the Uluru (Ayers Rock) during sunset and sundown it’s just magical. But don’t forget the Kings Canyon. We might say it’s at least as beautiful as the Uluru.
But our best experience in the outback is sleeping in a swag. With just a tough sleepingback sleeping under thousands of stars is just magical.
The Great Ocean Road
Thinking about driving? Than the Great Ocean Road (starting or ending in Melbourne is the road you want to do. Seeing breathtaking views of the 12 apostels.
Relaxing in the Indian Pacific
You shouldn’t forget West Australia. It’s less popular than the East Coast, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as beautiful. Take the Indian Pacific, world’s largest straight railway track and see unique landscapes you’ll see nowhere else.

Want more things to do in Australia? Check out all our tips of things you should do!
What you need to travel to Australia
Traveling through Australia isn’t that convient. You’ll spend most likely a couple of weeks traveling with just a limited amount of luggage. Things you should definitely bring to Australia:

International passport
International drivers licences (iff you’re thinking about driving)
World Travel Adapter
Reusable water bottles
Trailshoes – forget your hiking shoes!
Camera & back-up material
Travel guide

There is actually a lot more that you should bring. Check out our full packing list of things you should bring to Australia.
Popular cities of Australia
Due to the size of Australia, there are some great cities you might want to visit. See them as little citytrips or stopovers. Below is a list of great cities that you might consider of visiting.

Sydney (and the Blue Mountains)
Adelaide (plus Kangaroo Island)
Cairns (and the area)
Darwin (and the area)
Alice Springs (and the area)
Perth (and the rest of West Australia)

How to travel through Australia?
There are various ways to travel through Australia. Below you’ll find some awesome ways to do:

Backpacking through Australia

A popular way of traveling through Australia is with just a backpack. A lot of young people decide to travel a couple of months Down Under and having the time of their live. Using public transportation like the train or bus to go from place to place and sleeping in hostels.

Travel through Australia with a camper / RV

The East Coast of Australia is a popular destination for traveling with a camper. In Australia it’s allowed to spend the night wherever you want (on public property) and there are lot of great campings to go to.

Great routes in Australia are the Great Ocean Road, The East Coast of Australia & the region of Cairns.

Self drive (renting a car)

Another option then the camper is renting a car and driving through Australia. Don’t make the mistake seeing whole Australia with the car. The distance between Perth (West Australia) and Sydney (East Australia) is just 4.000 km or 2485 miles.

Guided tours (recommended in some parts of Australia)

There are a couple of companies that offer guided tours in different regions in Australia. The guide takes you to the must see places and gives you all the information you’ll need. Great guided tours can be: Kangaroo Island, Alice Springs – Uluru – Kings Canyon, Darwin – Katherine, …

These are also recommended regions to book a guided tour.

Domestic flights (recommended if you want to see different regions)

If you only have limited time to see Australia. And with limited we mean just 4 weeks to see different regions? Then domestic flights come in handy. It’s not per se more expensive than driving, but you travel a lot faster.

As you can see, the possibilities of traveling through Australia are endless. Really! From basic travel (backpacking & hostels) to more luxurious travel options.
How must time do you need to see Australia
That’s actually a hard question. You really need a couple of weeks traveling through Australia. But chances are really high you’ll say you didn’t have enough time or want to go back. Just face it, Australia is an awesome country & the ultimate travel destinations.

But how long would we suggest?

2 weeks Australia: That’s too short in our opinion. You’ll only see a glimpse of what Australia really is.

3 weeks Australia: That’s actually the bear minimum. We and every other travel agency will recommend to spend at least 3 weeks traveling through Australia

4 weeks Australia is ideal: Traveling four weeks through Australia is an excellent holiday. You’ll see a great part of the awesomeness of Down Under. You won’t have the feeling that you’re rushing.

5 weeks Australia: If it’s possible to spend 5 weeks traveling through Australia? You have the time and budget, then don’t think about it. You won’t regret it

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