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For many photographers (amateurs or pro’s) this is a known issue. But even the average traveler takes a lot of pictures and shoots many hours of video while they are traveling. And when you’re traveling you don’t always have a laptop with you. In best case some SD cards but not nothing more. And while taking pictures or shooting videos (with your camera), you notice “No more space left on device”. Now what? You have 3 possibilities:

  • Stop taking photo’s
  • Run through your archive and delete the bad photo’s.
  • Back-up your photo’s  / video’s instantly

Everyone I know will pick the last option. What about you? Do you agree? Well for us it’s also important to back-up our photo’s anyway. They are memories we’ve created and don’t want to lose them. Even when we don’t have a computer or laptop with us. But how can you backup photo’s without a computer?

Why would you backup your photos without a computer?

I understand why you would ask this question. It’s very convenient to use your computer / laptop to backup your photos and videos. But you don’t have your computer with you at all times. Especially when you’re traveling, going on an adventurous trip or going sporting. Bringing all the gear that’s necessary to capture great memories could be a huge tak on it own. And then you didn’t think about your laptop that should fit in your bag as well. Example, if you’re thinking about backpacking through Australia, Europe, United States, … You’ll need a lot of stuff just for your trip, like clothing, campinggear, .. If you could leave your laptop at home, you’ll be happy!

So that’s why a lot of people are searching for a solution to backup their photos or videos without a computer or backup their photos while traveling.

Back-up photo’s with the WD My Passport Wireless Pro

WD (Western Digital) has a specific back-up device that every traveler, photographer or videographer should carry with them all the time. It’s an external hard drive with a lot of interesting features. And the most important one is that it has a 3.0 SD card slot which will back-up your material instant.

Place the SD card directly into the harddrive and the device with automatically copy the files on to the harddrive. Thanks to 3.0 SD card slot, images/video’s are transferred/back-upped at a high speed.

Find out more >

Next to the back-up functionality, the device has some other interesting features as well:

  • Battery life up to 10 hours
  • USB power bank to charge mobile devices
  • Wirelessly stream 4K videos and view photo’s with the My Cloud mobile app

So actually all interesting features a wireless harddrive should have.

Buy multiple (micro)-SD cards

It’s also something we would recommend anyway. Buy multiple (micro) SD cards. It’s not handy that you’ll need to back-up your photo’s / video’s while you’re shooting or in the middle of the day when your on the move.

It’s easier to quickly plugin a different empty SD card and back-up all your material when you’re in your hotelroom / tent and when you’re a bit more relaxed.

For my DSLR camera i have 4 SD cards  (16GB each) and for my GoPro I have 2 micro SD cards (64GB each).

Backup your photos while traveling

Most of the times, when you want to back-up your photos, it’s because you’re traveling. Traveling without a computer, without a laptop makes you travel much lighter. But it’s causes a problem to backup your photos while you’ll traveling. But there are some options to backup your photos anyway.

  • Shoot only with your camera
  • Use the WD My Passport Wireless Pro
  • Backup your photos in your hotel/motel or in an internet café

Backup GoPro without computer

I’m a huge fan of a GoPro. I have a GoPro hero 5 myself with some extra micro SD carts. But when you’re out doing your GoPro shooting, you know that videos love to fill up your memory cards. If you don’t have 5 or more micro SD cards of 64gb with you, you won’t last filming a day! So a backup of your GoPro is a must to free up space on your memory cards. Especially when you’re out traveling with your GoPro.

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