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Five Great Things to do in London for Free



London may be one of the most expensive cities in the world, but if you’re in the know, a visit to the English capital doesn’t have to be costly at all. There are so many amazing free activities, events and sights in London. You’ll have no problem indulging in the city’s many offerings while sticking to your budget! Even a simple stroll along the South Bank of the Thames rewards you with iconic London sights including the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.

We’ve compiled a list of five fantastic things to do in London, and all of them at our favorite price – free!

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Insider guide to 48 hours in London

So, you have only 48 hours in London and want to see everything?

Well, not everything, obviously, but as much as is humanly possible, whilst not neglecting to sleep, eat, shop, and have a pint in a pub.

The best way to get an initial (and literal) overview of this marvelous city is to take a tour on an open-top bus.  Get your bearings, see all the major sights in one go, and then, the next day of your all-too-brief two-day stay in London, you can go back and visit select places in more detail.

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London: Guide to St Paul’s Cathedral

If St Paul’s Cathedral had feelings, it might be feeling confused, jealous even. The reason: the cathedral was snubbed as the venue for the April 29th wedding-of-the-century between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Westminster Abbey won that honor.

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