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Top 10 Things to See in (and around) Perth


Australia’s most far-flung major city, Perth is a modern metropolis of almost two million, the capital of Western Australia, and is deservedly becoming one of the country’s top spots to visit. Traditionally viewed as a backward outpost of sorts, today Perth boasts all the amenities of any major city, and then some. With an ideal tropical climate and proximity to beaches, forests, islands, wine country, and surfing, there is something here for every type of traveler. Here are some of our favorite spots in and around the greater metropolitan area that are well worth putting on your must-see list (in alphabetical order):

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Agoda: Top 3 People Watching Spots in Florence


Originally a Roman city, Florence captivates the imaginations of visitors as few European cities do. It is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Florence is known as the ‘cradle of the Renaissance’ due to the staggering number of churches, monuments and works of cultural significance that are seemingly around each and every corner.

Roughly 1,500,000 people call greater metropolitan Florence home, 400,000 of them live in the city itself. But that’s nothing compared to the tourist population. Visitors outnumber locals from April to October. During this time, spotting a local is a feat in and of itself. But with plazas and squares in abundance, and tasty, locally made Chianti wine available for purchase, there’s good reason to simply sit back and observe the city’s diverse crowds. So grab your beverage of choice, find a seat at one of our favorite spots for people watching, and then watch the people go by.

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Insider guide to 48 hours in London

So, you have only 48 hours in London and want to see everything?

Well, not everything, obviously, but as much as is humanly possible, whilst not neglecting to sleep, eat, shop, and have a pint in a pub.

The best way to get an initial (and literal) overview of this marvelous city is to take a tour on an open-top bus.  Get your bearings, see all the major sights in one go, and then, the next day of your all-too-brief two-day stay in London, you can go back and visit select places in more detail.

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Insider guide to China’s pyramids

Forget Giza’s famous pyramids for a second. The Nile-side Egyptian city is just one platform for the slanting structures. Pyramids also occur in China. Yes, you read that right. The nation better known for a winding wall than any fancy trapezoids has more than a smattering of pyramids.

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luang prabang: lounging in lao

Luang Prabang is cozy little town with stunning scenery. Accessible via a two-day slow boat down the Mekong – which is probably the most memorable way to get there – the town is a tourist haven, but has managed not to lose its authenticity. The locals smile kindly as you pass them by, in a genuine way that tells you that you could be nowhere else but Laos.

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tokyo: best german pub in the world

best german pub in the world

I just spent eight days in Berlin and I thought I’d share with you the best German pub I’ve ever been to.  It’s got great draught beer, good greasy pub food, the typical stale beer pub smell, a kitschy tile mural of a Bavarian family straight out of the 1930’s and it’s packed full of Japanese locals.

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china: hiking tiger leaping gorge

tiger leaping gorge, yunnan

Frame it just right, and Tiger Leaping Gorge is the deepest river canyon in the world, but don’t go bragging to the Grand Canyon defenders back in the US – bar fights have broken out over less.

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maldives: diving the maldives 

diving in maldives

If you visit the Maldives you must get your hair wet. Diving is one of the top attractions of the Indian Ocean archipelago with a paradise vibe.

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wawi: the hill station we forgot to mention

Highland coffee estates, remote hill-tribe villages, exiled Chinese tea farmers—it’s a wonder you’ve never heard of this place. It’s not your fault, though. Doi Wawi’s appeal is carefully guarded by the domestic tourism sector.

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bali: how to do a bali road trip

guide to bali road trip

While Bali is one of Southeast Asia's top tourist destinations, so much of it remains virgin tourist territory. Why is this so? Let’s just say, Bali isn’t exactly known for its excellent public transportation. Trying to catch a bus on the island paradise is a stressful chore most tourists tend to avoid. As an alternative, a Bali road trip is a popular option for those with the gusto and the courage to give it a go on their own – just you, your friends, a roadmap, and a trusty rental car.

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