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worldwide club guide: hong kong

nightlife in hong kong

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities and while it’s more geared towards business and shopping I love going bonkers in Honkers. No matter what your taste in music and clubs, you’ll find a place to get your party on in Hong Kong.

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life's a beach: bondi beach

best beach in sydney

This one kilometer stretch of golden sand loved by all of Sydney is undeniably one of the country’s most famous beaches. The first thing that strikes you as you wind down the busy main road that connects Bondi Beach to the Eastern suburbs of Australia’s biggest city, is the improbability of seeing such a postcard perfect beach, literally fifteen minutes away from the downtown of Sydney, and surrounded by densely populated suburbia.

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food blog: bellissima bangkok

italian foods in bangkok

There’s a limit to how much Pad Thai one can eat in Thailand – actually, there’s not, I have proof – but anyway, should the love for one noodle wane, there are plenty of places ready to fill the void.

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worldwide club guide: bangkok

nightlife in bangkok

Being an honorary Bangkok local, I’ve had more than my fair share of party nights in this crazy town. There’s such a wide selection of bars and clubs in this giant metropolis that I’m barely scratching the surface here. I’ll stick to tourist-friendly venues and cover the underground and ‘after-hours’ clubs in a future blog.

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food blog: angkor tucker

best restaurant in Siem Reap

Lots of people boast how they stayed in Cambodia for 5c a night or whatever, but I don’t like sharing my room with livestock, so I opted for the FCC Angkor. This choice was in part influenced by the reviews I’d read of the FCC’s restaurant, which fortuitously delivered.

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worldwide club guide: singapore

nightlife in singapore

To be brutally honest, I don’t really care for Singapore much – in fact, I care for it very little. But I travel a lot and Changi Airport is one of south-east Asia’s biggest hubs, so I’ve visited the tiny island nation more times than I like to remember. Apart from Singapore noodles and Singapore Slings, the city-state has two other things that can make stop-overs fun – shopping and super-clubs.

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